GPUG Summit: Academy Training Day 2

Today marks the second day of training sessions at the Great Plains User Group (GPUG)  Summit (twitter: #gpsummit). The day started with the traditional early morning. However this time, I had to make it to the classroom at 7:30 AM to test my machine, projector, and VPC image, before students had a chance to sit.

I was scheduled to deliver a class on Data Migration and Integration Techniques which would cover anything from pitfalls to the core steps to get data from point A to point B, while showing how to use one of the integration tools in the process. Class ran relatively smoothly, except for a few lock ups with had with the VPC images.

By midday, it was time to get some lunch. GPUG had a special lunch for class instructors, so I had the opportunity to catch up with fellow MVP and business partner, Frank Hamelly, who was also delivering training this week - to be honest, it was the first time since Sunday that I had seen Frank, this is how crazy it is out here.

MVP Frank Hamelly and I at the Instructors Lunch
Lunch was over and it was time to continue training. My class was originally scheduled from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT, but by concensus, the schedule was cut to 2:00 PM. The class attendees were very receptive to the topics and participated during the session with real life examples of data migration and integration projects they were currently working on.

This is a picture of my class:
Data Migration and Integration Class - from left to right: Marty Lingg (Pacific Northern Gas), Michelle Vecqueray (St. Michaels University School), Joyce Vanjura, Thomas Bosquet (Franklin Pud), Liz Koon (Snoqualmie Casino), Steve Gillson (Bladetech), Craig Jacobs (Affinity Gaming), Monique Whitaker (Affinity Gaming), Wade Petty (Mortgage Contracting Services)

Following the training session, we had a speakers meeting in the Forum Ballroom, where I had the opportunity to meet Online Technical Partner Forum support engineers Kelly Youells, Christine Galea, Terry Heley, and Sarah Purdy.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Escalation Engineers
From left to right: Kelly Youells, Christine Galea, Terry Heley, and Sarah Purdy
I had a chance to sit down with Kelly and exchange a few conversations on a KB article update and to report a bug in the Navigation List Builder feature in SmartList Builder - more on that in a future post.

After receiving the last minute pointers for our speaking engagements from Kim Peterson, GPUG Director, I went down to the Expo hall. I have to admit, I was pretty surprised by the level of organization of this event. Clearly, a lot of time went into the logistics of getting this part of the Summit right.

Summit Expo Hall
I had a chance to check out a few products and catch up with a number of partners and friends. I had a chance to view the latest developments from the eOne Integrated Business Solutions team: SmartConnect and its ability to import data from any source into any destination - not only GP!; previewed the new SmartView product, which can only be described as the alter ego version of SmartList; and Node Builder, a complete solution to facilitate eConnect extensibility.

I also had a chance to check out the new products from Integrity Data and was especially impressed by their U-LINC product, a very powerful workflow builder for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Continuing my tour around the Expo hall, I came across the guys from the Microsoft Dynamics Community team, which shared some of the upcoming improvements to the Community site, dubbed Community 3.0. Currently, the team is working on developing various usability labs that they expect to unveil to a select group of beta testers.

Microsoft Dynamics Community Team
From left to right: Mariano Gomez, Andy Leapaldt, Arlin Fisher, Eric Parsons, Nick Hoban
After talking to the Community team, we were joined by MVP Leslie Vail and went to dinner were we discussed various aspects of our personal lives and motivations to do what we do to improve the life of users and partners in the Community.

While I have already been here in Las Vegas for the past 2 days, I must say that the Summit is just getting started. I am definitely still feeling the effects of the timezone change and 2 training classes I have under my belt. Tomorrow, the Summit goes into full gear with the keynote session, various breakout sessions, and activities organized for attendees. I not schedule to speak until Thursday, so I expect tomorrow to be more of a transition day for me, awaiting for my wife to arrive in town.
Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


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