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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2 is now available

Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is now available for your consumption. Microsoft has released the product ahead of schedule - originally, September of 2013. I guess this will make for an even more exciting Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013 .   Service Pack 2 is probably the most comprehensive update so far to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and includes a number of fixes and enhancements. Let's take a quick look:   Modules activated for Web Client: Field Service Service Call Management Depot Management Preventative Maintenance Project Accounting Manufacturing Bill of Materials Manufacturing Order Processing Master Production Scheduling MRP Manufacturing Suite Fixed Assets Enhancements Business Activity Statement (BAS) for Australian GST Payment Document Management (PDM)   Features Exclusive to Web Client: Visual Studio Tools for Web Client v1.0 Keyboard Shortcut enhancements Change single mach

Accessing Microsoft Dynamics GP Default Settings from Visual Studio Tools

Rarely you will hear the Dex.ini file being called the Microsoft Dynamics GP defaults file. However, the Dex.ini contains keys (and their associated values) that define how Microsoft Dynamics GP behaves in some cases. For example, SQLLastUser=sa stores the login of the last user who accessed the system on that specific instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP, in this case, 'sa'. Likewise, AutoInstallChunks=TRUE, allows Microsoft Dynamics GP to bypass prompting the user for new code (chunk file) to be installed at the time of launching the application. There are other settings controlling how certain features behave. You can find a list of Dex.ini settings here . Recently, I was helping a good friend of mine up in Maine who attended my Dexterity class in Boston and this time he wanted to know how to read the path for the Microsoft Dynamics GP help file. Of course, there's a simple (predefined) method for this as my good friend Patrick Roth with the Escalation Engineering team

How to reset Business Analyzer settings

Just recently, I ran into an interesting case where the consultant had installed and configured Business Analyzer for a user. However, during the configuration process, the consultant marked all available reports for all available companies, which put Business Analyzer into a tailspin as it attempted to load all this information. The consultant proceeded to shut down the application using the Task Manager program. When he restarted Business Analyzer, the application went back into a tailspin, displaying only the loading screen with a "Connecting to Server" message for over an hour. Fearing this would be a permanent issue due to the number of reports and companies selected, the question was just obvious: how to reset Business Analyzer configuration settings. The boring theory If you have downloaded Business Analyzer from the Windows Store or are still running the Business Analyzer desktop client, chances are you had to go through a setup process. In Windows 8, this invol