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First Look at Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP

I have been beta testing the Support Debugging Tool (SDT) for Dynamics GP for a couple of weeks. My first impressions orbited around admiration for the author, none other than David Musgrave , followed by the natural curiosity on the powerful features provided by the tool itself. The product is compatible with releases 8.0, 9.0, and 10.0. SDT was first introduced during the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift , in May of 2008 with great reception from the attending partner community. Unlike the Script Debugger Tool (activated by including ScriptDebugger = TRUE in the Dex.ini file) Support Debugging Tool is geared towards the consultant and end-user to assist in troubleshooting application issues without the complexities involved in understanding the application development process. Modes of Operation The Support Debugging Tool offers two modes of operation: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. The Standard Mode is a read-only mode which helps with application logging and providin

Dexterity Bug: ScriptDebugger Dex.ini Setting Causes Dynamics GP Menu to Behave Erraticaly

For those of us who work in development environments, the Script Debugger Tool is essential to unit test and follow code released into QA -- note I say QA, the Script Debugger was not conceived to be used in Production environments -- perhaps a reason why this issue has not been fixed by Microsoft yet! When the Script Debugger Tool is activated -- by adding ScriptDebugger = TRUE in the Dex.ini file -- a Debug menu is added to the Dynamics GP menu bar. I have noticed the menu reorganized itself randomly when switching between Dynamics GP and Modifier or even when closing the application and reopening it. The behavior is consistent even when the Toolbar has been locked via the Navigation menu options. This has been identified as a bug in the Dexterity runtime engine, but has certainly not made it into Microsoft list of fix priorities. Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MIS, MVP, MCP, PMP Maximum Global Business, LLC.

Dexterity Training in Orlando (Oct 20 - Oct 24) featuring Leslie Vail, MVP

Ever asked yourself why Dexterity developers are so hard to find and in such a high demand? Do you have experience programming in other development environments and still looking to bring another environment under your belt? Sweat it no more! Integrated Business Group (IBG) in Orlando is featuring Leslie Vail, fellow MVP and by far one of the best Microsoft Dynamics GP Certified Trainers. The training will take place in Orlando, Florida from October 20 to October 24, and will be providing the basic foundations any Dexterity programmer must have. Integrated Business Group will consider running the Dexterity II training, pending the outcome of this session. This course (previously known as the Dexterity Advanced Integration Techniques) is a 5 day course featuring integration techniques with the Microsoft Dynamics GP application. For more information, contact the training coordinator, Roxanna Alvarez at or at her direct line +1 (407) 965-9299. Until next post! MG

David Musgrave on Automating the Distribution of Customizations

David has published two very detailed articles regarding the automatic deployment of customizations. Article I explores the different deployment scenarios for dictionaries and application files with pros and cons for each configuration, while Article II explores the automation of the deployment of customizations. However, the articles do not cover complex deployments in Citrix and Terminal Server environments and are not recommended for upgrades or deployment of new clients. Drop a comment to David and let him know how (or how not) you can use his suggestions. Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MIS, MVP, MCP, PMP Maximum Global Business, LLC.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and SQL Server Collations

I have seen this question posted in multiple shapes and forms, but could well be rounded up as follows: " I installed Microsoft SQL Server with an Arabic_BIN collation. In addition, I installed Microsoft Dynamics GP on my server and a few clients. All my clients can access the system with no problems. However, I have this one user who 'accidentally' switched his/her Windows locale to English (United States) and is getting all sorts of errors when accessing the system or trying to enter transactions or master records ." This is not at all uncommon, but to put an end to the myths sorrounding this issue it is necessary to understand how collations work in both Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server. Windows Collations Windows collations are collations defined for SQL Server to support Windows locales. By specifying a Windows collation for SQL Server, the instance of SQL Server uses the same code pages and sorting and comparison rules as the Microsoft Dynamics GP c

Know thy Common Table Operations with Dexterity - Part I

The first thing most of us learn from working with any relational database and software development language is how to perform common table operations (create, read, update, and delete). It is no different with Microsoft Dexterity. If you've read through David Musgrave's recommendations for getting started with Dexterity, then the next logical question is how to begin working programmatically with tables. This post will not focus on the in and outs of the table creation process, however, a brief explanation of some concepts that is required to move forward. Creating tables When you create a table in Dexterity, you’ll use or define several elements required for the table to store and access information properly, such as fields, keys and table relationships. Before you create tables, be sure you have previously defined all the fields that you’ll be using to store information in the table. If you are creating applications that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP, be aware

All About Named Printers on Terminal Server

David Musgrave has published a new blog entry on everything you ever wanted to know about installing Named Printers on a Terminal Server environment . As the original developer of Named Printers, Dave certainly is an authority on the issue and demonstrates it in his latest entry. He makes some bold annotations to help users setup Named Printers effectively and points to some valuable articles he has contributed or in many occasions written. Stop by Dave's blog site, read up, and let him know what you think. Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MIS, MVP, MCP, PMP Maximum Global Business, LLC Names Five Dynamics Experts to Newly Formed Editorial Advisory Board

Besides my passion for blogging, I have also been writing user-focused Microsoft Dynamics GP articles for for the past few months and in the process, exchanging ideas with folks there like David Gumpert, Editorial Director and Adam Berezin, CEO on enhancing the site's content and editorial direction for the Dynamics users' community around the world. For those of you who may not know,, a GuidePoint Media company, is the a leading independent authority covering the world of Microsoft Dynamics. It is committed to publishing leading-edge integrated content for Dynamics users, prospective Dynamics customers, partners, independent software vendors, and consultants around the globe. With this broad Dynamics community focus in mind, has created an Editorial Advisory Board of which I am now a member of. I have the pleasure of sharing the honors with some of the top Microsoft Dynamics professionals, each in their area of exp

New Article on Set Up Microsoft Dynamics GP Test and Production Environments on a Budget

As promised to many of you, I have finally completed and published my new article " Set Up Microsoft Dynamics GP Test and Production Environments on a Budget ". In this installment I explore the options available for setting up test and production environments without breaking the piggy. Two of the many options point to setting up simple test companies with production data and implementing several Microsoft SQL Server instances on the same box. Don't forget to stop by and read up. As always, your comments are welcome. Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MIS, MVP, MCP, PMP Maximum Global Business, LLC

Microsoft Rolls Out SQL Server 2008... Finally!

These are exciting times for the Microsoft SQL Server database community of customers, administrators and developers. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 was released to manufacturing just yesterday, Thursday. So what's in it for you? With SQL Server 2008, Microsoft is adding a number of features to improve scalability. New capabilities include support for policy-based management, auditing, large-scale data warehousing, geospatial data and advanced reporting and analysis services. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Editions Microsoft plans to release seven editions of SQL Server 2008, including Enterprise, Standard, Workgroup, Web, Developer, Express and Compact 3.5. The 180-day trial version is available for download from Microsoft. SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Server Compact editions are also available for free download. And get this! Microsoft has said pricing for SQL Server will not increase with the new release. Go get your copy and start playing with it now! Remember that Microsoft

News from Microsoft: Code name "Midori", Code name "Windows 7", Microsoft Singularity OS, Microsoft on Open Source, and much more...

I generally try to keep it all things Dynamics GP, but I figured it's a blog -- my blog! In addition, I could not help becoming very enthusiastic about a few articles I came across on some of Microsoft Research initiatives. Lets get started! Code name "Midori" As many of you may have read or heard, Microsoft has been active on a project to create a new OS code name "Midori" which has been up to now very secretive. According to many sources on the net, Midori is said to be a non-Windows solution, unlike code name "Vienna" also known as "Windows 7" which is currently in development -- any one from Microsoft chip in here -- and is built upon the Vista kernel. Leaks anyone? According to a Software Development Times article I happened to stumble upon, Midori is being built from scratch and is supposely addressing " challenges that Redmond has determined cannot be met by simply evolving its existing technology " -- I guess by existin