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Year End Closing... NOT!

It's been a quiet, quiet few weeks over on this blog, but trust me, it's not because I have forgotten about you out there, but rather because my work load has increased over the past weeks, overseeing 5 projects (3 of which are going live in the next few weeks), ramping up some new IntellPartners ventures - more on that later - and welcoming new implementation challenges in South America. But that's not all... I am also gearing up for the GPUG Summit 2012 in Seattle and the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2012 in Fargo, North Dakota. However, and despite the hectic schedule, I wanted to bring to your attention a case that I had a chance to work on recently. This was for one of my clients here in Atlanta with manufacturing facilities in China. My client hosts Microsoft Dynamics GP here in their Atlanta headquarters and provide Citrix access to their subsidiaries in China to enter information into the Chinese company database. Things move at a different pace ther

Adding more comment lines to POP Purchase Orders

Just recently, I was asked by a customer to address an issue with their line item comments truncating at 4 lines. In essence, the customer wanted the ability to print more than 4 lines of comments at the line item level on their purchase orders. My customer happens to be in the Nuclear Waste Management industry, and as it turns out, they have strict requirements to provide contract information, start/end dates, and a number of regulatory and compliance information on purchase orders. Some of this information is very critical to the transportation of certain products on United States highways. So as you can imagine, the request for additional comment lines was critical. The following shows an example of what the customer was facing: Purchasing Comment Entry window and POP Purchase Order Blank form As you can see, the comments are printing only 4 lines and truncating the rest of the text. Before going into the details, they are a few articles that guided me thro

Theresa Nistler talks Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Features

Theresa Nistler, Sr. Program Manager with the Microsoft Dynamics GP team, explains the balancing act of defining features and incorporating those into the application. Theresa also works hand to hand with the Support teams to compile feedback from clients aand resolve bugs. Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MVP IntellPartners, LLC

Adding Customer Item User Defined fields to SOP Invoice

Just recently I ran across a request to add the Customer Item user defined fields to the Sales Blank Invoice Form report in Report Writer. As usual with these type of requests, chances are it's been done before and/or it's probably documented in some KB article. As it turned out, KB article 918943 outlines the steps required to add the Customer Item Number to the Sales Blank Invoice Form report: How to add the "Customer Item Number" field to a quote, order, or invoice form in Sales Order Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP The KB article however, makes use of the Report Writer function rw_SOP_GetCustomerItemNumber to get around the issue. There's also an additional Report Writer function, rw_SOP_GetCustomerItemDescription which allows you to retrieve the description for the customer item. Now, that's all cool, but what about the user-defined fields? Customer Item Maintenance The screenshot above highlights the fields in question. As it turned ou

Chris Roehrich on eConnect vs Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Chris Roehrich is a really cool dude, who is an Escalation Engineer and member of the Developer Support team for Microsoft Dynamics GP in Fargo, North Dakota. I have had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person and have to say this guys knows his stuff - note I can't use the other s-word here - plus, he's a really fun person. Today, I came across a really cool article from Chris over at Developing for Dynamics GP which addresses the eConnect vs Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP dilemma, faced by integration developers. One thing I must add to Chris' excellent article is that eConnect and web services are typically used in the data integration arena. David Musgrave and I covered ground on this and the user interface customization tools (Modifier with VBA, Dexterity, and Visual Studio Tools) at Microsoft Convergence Atlanta 2011 . You can download the materials from that session on the Learning Resources page on this blog. Also, you will want to check out the f

Brian Meier talks Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Analyzer

Business Analyzer is one of those products that I really dig: it's slick, it works, and it just makes life easier for executives and information consumers who don't necessarily need access to GP... but if they do, Business Analyzer also lives within GP, with some pretty cool context sensitivity, based on the info displayed by a specific item or items within a Navigation List object. Brian Meier, Sr. Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, explains his role and provides an inside look at Business Analyzer. Related Articles: Kevin Racer talks Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Architecture Chad Sogge describes the features process for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MVP IntellPartners, LLC