Thursday, March 30, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap Update

It's been a week since I got back from GPUG Amplify 2017 in Anaheim, California and tell you the truth, I am all the more excited about the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP than a lot of you might be. With all these constant rumors of the product going away or not getting the necessary TLC from Microsoft I am left to wonder, where have I heard this before :-)

The truth is, Dynamics GP is alive and well, thank you! And will be for many many years to come. As it's been unveiled in Anaheim, the next couple of years - Microsoft has been producing the roadmap for only 2 years at a time ever since GP 2010 - promise to bring some really cool enhancements to the product, based on entries collected via Microsoft Connect.

In particular, GP 2018 (shipping sometimes before the end of Q4) will be introducing 3 major themes that traverse the spectrum of features you would expect from an application born in the on-premise world, but that has effectively cross over to power customers looking for a solid cloud solution. In this iteration, Microsoft looks to solidify the workflow capabilities with what it has now dubbed Workflow 4.0, all the while introducing some optimizations to the Financial series, Human Resources and Payroll, Document Attach, and overall UX (user experience). In strengthening the cloud capabilities, Microsoft looks to increase the integration with the Power Suite (Power BI, Power Query, Power Apps, etc.).

While in Anaheim, I had a chance to see a bit more about the details. The following is a list of features that the Development team in Fargo is expecting to deliver:

Some highlights include adding reminder emails to Workflow, this is, a user will receive reminder emails leading up to the due date of specific tasks. This is a very cool feature and something customers were asking for.

The HRP enhancements include some beefing up of the Garnishments capabilities along with the ability to change Department Codes in Payroll.

As far as the user experience concerns, auto-complete moves to the web client after being a desktop feature for quite some time now. I am also very excited about the introduction (finally!) of the HTML 5 controls for Visual Studio Tools which now will allow developers who had WinForms to expose these once again to the Dynamics GP web client.

The Dev team has made a big push to get Document Attach out to the remaining portions of the application where it was missing: GL Transaction Entry, POP Receiving Entry and now the inquiry windows.

As far as features powering the cloud, Dynamics GP receives enhancements to its OData Services, a brand new GP Power BI content pack, and a number of FLOW templates. More information about Microsoft Flow here.

Until next post,

Mariano Gomez, MVP

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Connect Corner: Include Multicurrency Vouchers in Payment Run

As of late, I've been thinking of ways to improve the Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Management module, since it is the center piece for the products we developed here at Mekorma. Our latest product, Multi-Batch Management, will incorporate support for Multicurrency transactions in the upcoming build and there are some benefits to my latest Microsoft Connect request.

The problem

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Management module provides ample support and comprehensive functionality for Multicurrency transactions, when compared to other mid-market solutions, but could improve the level of automation for certain payment selection activities.

Take the following example:

Your organization has a supplier headquartered in Canada, with a subsidiary in the Dearborn, Michigan. For certain materials, you are directed to order from the Dearborn, Michigan location, for certain others you are directed to order directly from the headquarters in Canada. For convenience sake, you have been instructed to remit payments to the Michigan Dearborn office any and all outstanding invoices. The materials you received from the Canada office are invoiced in Canadian dollars.

Here are 3 invoices you have received:

Vendor A             Invoice 1             CA$10.00
Vendor A             Invoice 2             US$20.00
Vendor A             Invoice 3             US$30.00

If you build a payment batch in Microsoft Dynamics GP (using US dollars as functional currency), the only invoices that will be selected are invoices 2 and 3. In order to add invoice 1 to the already completed payment batch, you will be required to go to the Edit Payables Check Batch window, after completing the payment run, to make any changes to the vendor payment.

Conversely, if you are required to submit payment in Canadian dollars to the vendor's offices in Canada, and you make your batch currency Canadian dollars, only invoice 1 will be selected, and you will need to use the Edit Payables Check Batch window to add invoices 2 and 3 to the final vendor payment. If you must repeat this operation for several vendors and several vouchers, this could be an extremely time consuming proposition.

The Solution

To facilitate the payment selection process, it would be extremely nice if the same selection rules applied to Multicurrency vouchers. However, the user would have the ability through configuration and furthermore at payment selection time to include vouchers in other currencies that met the selection criteria.

As previously noted, the business logic to do this is already in the Edit Payables Check Batch window, but it would be nice if the same logic could be surfaced to the payment selection process.

If you think this would be valuable to you, I have created a Microsoft Connect entry case for this. Please join me in voting for this request. Use the following link to vote for it:

Happy voting!

Mariano Gomez, MVP