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GPUG Amplify Anaheim 2016 - Day 3

Day 3 marks the end of the first GPUG Amplify conference. In cool fashion, this event went out with a bang by inviting none other than Bonnie Robertson  to be the keynote speaker. Bonnie goes back to the days of Great Plains, Inc. and is now a renown speaker and strategists for CxOs around the world. The closing session began with Bob McAdam , GPUG Program Director, thanking all the sponsors and speakers for their different degrees of collaboration and participation to bring this event together. Next up was Pam Misialek  to present the Microsoft Dynamics GP roadmap with some minor adjustments from what was presented in the General Session on Day 1. Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap To highlight are some of the major upcoming features in GP 2016 R2, due sometimes in late autumn (aka. fall in North America). You can revisit these in more detail in my Day 1 post . Bonnie addressed a few questions from the audience to close the keynote and handed over to Bob, who updated th

GPUG Amplify Anaheim 2016 - Day 2

Day 2 had me down for 2 sessions. Also, I was invited to participate in an interview with the first GP Live @ #GPUGAmplify live TV stream. My first session, Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client Architecture , started at 9 AM. Note: I couldn't get the session name to be changed as the schedule had already been printed by the time I requested the name change. Web Client Focus  (picture courtesy of Microsoft MVP Steve Endow ) This session covered 4 main topics: web client described, web client architecture, web client infrastructure, and the benefits of the web client.  From an architecture and infrastructure perspective, we dove into how the different web client components interact between each other when a browser request is submitted to the web server until a web client runtime process is spun up on a session host. Web Client Infrastructure Understanding this interaction, required explaining in more detail how the Dynamics GP runtime engine and the web client runtime inte

GPUG Amplify Anaheim 2016 - Day 1

The morning started out with the General Session, hosted by Bob McAdam (Twitter: @4mcadam ). It was amazing to see all the folks who were in attendance, perhaps for the first time, in one place for this conference. The numbers really sunk in by looking at the crowd and it was really great to know that this conference will really take off in the next few years. General Session Bob did an excellent job taking the baton from Kim. Bob McAdam Pam Misialek was next to deliver a very impressive opening, showing the trends at Microsoft and how technologies like HoloLens will be used in the future to enable virtual reality technology for consumers and businesses. Jeff Trosen and Chad Sogge (Twitter: @CSogge ) were next to discuss the Microsoft Dynamics GP roadmap and the innovations that are being implemented in the product. As is customary at the General Session, we were treated to some GP 2016 demos by the dynamic duo of Jody Christiansen (Twitter: @JodiChrist )