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Power Apps - Introduction to Mixed Reality

This is the first video in a 2-part series that explains some of the basic concepts behind Mixed Reality. Learn what is a model, how you can compose a model file, pack it for consumption by Power Apps and having fun while doing it all.   Disclaimer: I am no mixed reality expert. This is just my personal experience trying to understand the elements and concepts behind it for the everyday citizen developer. I don't talk about Azure Mixed Reality or anything the Azure platform has to offer to developers. This is a simple "here's how you compose and pack a model for use with Power Apps Mixed Reality" video. References: GLTF to GLB Packer - click here Microsoft 3D Viewer - click here Microsoft Paint 3D support documentation - click here To check out my YouTube channel visit: LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!! Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MVP