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Web Client: HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error

Just recently I was assisting a partner on the Dynamics GP Partner forum with an error they were receiving when attempting to log into the Microsoft Dynamics GP web client. Summary The partner reported they could log into web client just fine from the SQL Server. However, when they launched web client from the Web Server that host the Dynamics GP web application, they received: HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error Now, this error is a pretty generic error. In addition to not being able to log in, the landing page would not display the Microsoft Dynamics GP logo. Troubleshooting the Issue The partner had tried the following troubleshooting techniques: Repaired Microsoft Dynamics GP web components Uninstalled and reinstalled web components Rebooted the server In addition, I recommended my article Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 web client UI not displaying icons to ensure static content had been enabled during Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration. Typi

VST: An error occurred while loading or initializing an addin

As I mentioned before, I am now the Lead Software Engineer at Mekorma. I love it here as I get to work with some really talented software engineers and developers, all of which challenge me everyday. One of the cool new products we are working on, Mekorma Multi-Batch Management, allows you to build payment batches, print and post payments, and generate electronic funds transfer (EFT) and positive pay (Safe Pay) files, across companies, and across multiple checkbooks, with some minor configuration and just the click of a button. You can see an in-depth video on the product here . Part of the challenges of building Multi-Batch Management were its extensive interfacing with both our own Mekorma MICR product and Microsoft Dynamics GP, and in particular, the Safe Pay module - Multi-Batch Management is designed to drive the Microsoft Dynamics GP user interface, thus eliminating the need for invasive code. If you have worked on integrating code for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you are certainl

Revisiting: SOP Quick Print

Continuing with my Revisiting series, today I look at an article I wrote in 2009 regarding the SOP Quick Print feature. Summary SOP Quick Print is one of those gems in Microsoft Dynamics GP hidden within plain site. Written by my friend David Musgrave , it was designed to save time when saving and printing sales orders, fulfillment orders, and invoice. SOP Quick Print is activated by pressing CTRL + Q on your keyboard, and after a simple setup, it's good to go. SOP Quick Print Setup window One of the frustrating things about saving most documents in Dynamics GP, is that the window is cleared completely from the document that you were working on. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, this can be an inconvenience if all you wanted to do is save your document up to that point, so you can keep working on it. Current business logic would have you retrieving that document once more by either typing the document number or retrieving it via a lookup. With SOP Quick Print

You receive "Unhandled Script Exception: Invalid Product ID 258" when attempting drill-down into an invoice from Purchasing All-In-One view

Just recently, I was helping someone on a forum with a question regarding the Purchasing All-In-One view. The consultant could not get the view to show the receipts and invoices for some vendor POs. In order to assist with the issue, I had to try and recreate the issue myself. Needless to say, I could not recreate the specific problem reported by the consultant. However, in an attempt to drill-down on a specific invoice voucher, I received the following error message: Unhandled script exception: Invalid Product ID 258. EXCEPTION_CLASS_SCRIPT_OUT_OF_RANGE SCRIPT_CMD_CALL Product 258 corresponds to Project Accounting. Suffice to say, there isn't any validation in place to determine if the Project Accounting dictionary is present, before attempting to display the invoice. The workaround, of course, is to install Project Accounting even if you don't need it, until a fix is in place from Microsoft. This issue is present in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 YE (14.00.1016