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Installing Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP project templates for Visual Studio 2017

While in Johannesburg attending GPUG Amplify South Africa 2018, my friend of 1000 battles and fellow MVP David Musgrave and I sat down to prepare for our Day 1 sessions. Mariano Gomez and David Musgrave at GPUG Amplify South Africa 2018 In particular, we were preparing for our Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Customizing the User Interface session, which featured updated material and sample code from the ones we had shown at previous sessions. In a cursory review of his environment, we noticed that he did not have the Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP templates installed. David noted that he was running Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 on his machine and that the GP 2018 templates did not support this version of Visual Studio. In fact, SDK templates are provided for Visual Studio 2010 through Visual Studio 2015 as of the release of Dynamics GP 2018. I quickly remembered that my good friend in the UK, Tim Wappat had created the extension manifest files for the VST projec

GPUG Amplify South Africa 2018 - Wrap Up

GPUG Amplify South Africa is been over for a bit over a week, yet there's still sense of a conference with a lot potential and room for growth. For some background, I helped organize the preceding event, reIgnite GP 2017 and was a part of the keynote speech delivered last year. In addition, I delivered 6 sessions around various Microsoft Dynamics GP topics, but primarily my focus was on development sessions, having conducted a week of Microsoft Dexterity training prior to the kickoff. This year, I had to watch from the sidelines how this new event was being constructed and organized by the GP User Group (GPUG) organization. So here’s my take on what went really well and what needs improvement. 1. Having the support of the GPUG, brought legitimacy to the event as a whole. I would like to think local users and partners saw the value in separating this event from its original organizer, Braintree, as a way to bring the South African Dynamics GP user community closer. If you are