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Missing Dexterity Shared Components cause Word Templates processing to hang

Working recently on an issue, I ran into a situation where I would get the following template processing error attempting to print a SOP Invoice - if you look at the bottom status bar, next to the user ID, you will see a Template Processing accompanied by a yellow warning triangle. Upon inspecting the Template Processing status, I ran into the following Exception Detail message: The following error occurred while processing this report: One or more templates could not be processed. View the exception log for more details. Since the error was referencing a template, I figured I would go back and check to make sure I could edit the template, which was based on the original SOP Blank Invoice Form Template. Upon attempting to modify the template, I received an error: File Not Found:"C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Temp\SOP Blank Invoice Form Template.docx". After attempting to print the template, and after all the subsequent tell-tell sign errors, I attempted to ex

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: the perfect complement for Microsoft Dynamics GP users

Microsoft Dynamics GP users rejoice! If you were a part of the long list of users, partners, and ISVs scared by some imaginary deadline set (by Microsoft) for you to migrate from Dynamics GP and onto Dynamics 365 Business Central, it's now my pleasure to separate fact from fiction in this era of, well, fake news - at least in the Dynamics space. Microsoft has recently published the October '18 Business Applications Release Notes , a 239 page document describing all the upcoming features and functionality to be included with Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service, Marketing, Finance and Operations, Talent, Retail, and Social Engagement; the Power platform (Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Common Data Services), and Dynamics 365 Business Central. The words "Dynamics GP" appear 7 times in this document (including the table of content) and span from pages 117 through 133, explaining what is an imminent reality: Dynamics GP is now part of the Business Central plan, alth

Microsoft Dynamics GP July Hotfix packed with some long awaited features

If you missed it, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Development team has delivered the July Hotfix for versions 2015, 2016, and 2018. What has me really excited are a number of features that were included in this release - I will skip the bug fixes as those are always welcome - as follow: Support for TWAIN drivers Why is this important? TWAIN is an API and a communications protocol that regulates communication between software applications and digital imaging devices, such as image scanners and digital cameras. As it turned out, this is EXACTLY what the Document Attach feature needed to overcome some reported compatibility issues with certain scanning devices - Dynamics GP only provided support for Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) protocol . For additional information on TWAIN, click here . Applies to GP 2016 and GP 2018. Web Client support for Non-US regional date settings For users with a regional setting date format other than MMDDYYYY, web client will now display the proper date