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GP 2013: Why are my SmartLists not formatted when exported to Excel?

Just recently I have been seeing a number of questions around Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Smartlist exports to Microsoft Office Excel not being formatted correctly - let's rephrase, the correct word to use here is "nicely". The issues usually involve leading zeroes being dropped (in some cases) and currency amounts being exported with 5 decimals and no currency symbol. Exported Payables Transactions smart list To make a one swipe statement here, this behavior IS NOT a product bug - despite the inconvenience. With the introduction of the Web Client in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, the development team needed the ability improve the performance of Smartlist exports over the browser. To gain this dramatic improvement in performance (which is also experienced when using the rich client), exported Excel smart lists were voided of formatting. There's an undocumented Dex.ini switch that provides limited formatting to Smartlists, thus maintaining export performance:

SmartList Builder: Sales Summary By Quarter

Just recently I was approached by a partner wanting to leverage the info in the Receivables Summary table (RM00104) to build a smart list showing sales summary by quarter. The smart list needed to display the following information: Customer Number     Year              Q1              Q2             Q3                Q4 AARONFIT0001        2013            0.00      4224.67           0.00      10277.37 AARONFIT0001        2014     21468.68            0.00           0.00               0.00 AARONFIT0001        2016     12164.15            0.00           0.00              0.00 AARONFIT0001        2017       4945.70      5809.40           0.00              0.00 AARONFIT0001        2018             0.00            0.00        877.50              0.00 As is customary with these types of request, the best bet is to create a SQL Server view that can then be leveraged from Smartlist Builder. By using a SQL Server view, we can leverage some cool T-SQL set-based data manipulation capabi

DynamicsWorld UK Top 100 List

DynamicsWorld has released its 2013 Microsoft Dynamics Top 100 Most Influential People list and I am really excited to see my name in position 42. I have to say, it's an honor to share the podium with some fellow MVPs, as follow: 20. Mark Polino 46. Frank Hamelly 74. Victoria Yudin 90. Leslie Vail But it's also good to see that the list features tons of Dynamics GP professionals: 12. Andy Vabulas 14. Andy Snook 30. John Rivers 36. Clinton Weldon 94. Richard Whaley Special mention to all the folks over at DynamicCommunities who have made the list as well: 15. Andy Hafer 72. Bob McAdam 92. Kim Peterson Finally, I have to congratulate my good friend David Musgrave  (89)  who has made the list for the first time. This was a long time coming entry and very well deserved. David's persona is a top of the Microsoft Dynamics GP community's collective mind and I am certainly happy to see his name on the list. To everyone, congratulations and keep up the g

Microsoft Dexterity Training Roadshow - Next Stop: Chicago

(C) Microsoft Corporation The Microsoft Dexterity Training Roadshow  rolls around the United States with its next stop in Chicago, Illinois from May 13 - May 17, 2013 . Our training will be hosted at the beautiful John Hancock Center building, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. John Hancock Center in Chi-town John Hancock Center 875 N. Michigan Avenue 31st Floor Chicago, IL 60611 We still have some seats left, so if you want to learn some of the development techniques used by Microsoft Dynamics GP developers this is your chance. For registration information, click here . Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MVP IntellPartners, LLC

Where in the World is Mariano?

Hi all! I'm back! Well, it's been a grueling 2 months for sure (since Convergence New Orleans ) that have taken me to 2 countries ( Chile and Venezuela ), and 3 states (Louisiana, Nevada, Washington) and have allowed me to rack up over 23,000 new miles on my Delta SkyMiles account. The beauty of this all is that I have gotten to share my knowledge with more than 5,000 individuals in that stretch - customers and partners - with topics ranging from Web Client , to Dexterity , to the Support Debugging Tool . As such, you have seen my blogging activity take a tumble. However, I expect to have some time to get back to a number of interesting issues I have come across so topics will also be of a broad range -- just exactly what you are used to from this your humble servant. In the meantime, here are some snapshots from some of my voyages (in no particular order): Santiago, Chile's skyline from my room at the Marriott Hotel in the Metro Area Aerial view of a beachs