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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 "Feature of the Day" - Week 2 Digest

What a second week it's been! Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP has been releasing some really cool Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 features, which promise to be all the good for customers looking to increase their system utilization. If you haven't gotten through Week 1's features, I have them all compiled for you in the following article: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 "Feature of the Day" - Week 1 Digest Now here are this week's 5 features: Feature of the Day: User Defined Fields on Customer Address New configuration options in RM to add user-def fields to Customer Address Maintenance window Original article: Feature of the Day: User Defined Fields on Customer Address Link to Presentation: GP2013 FOD Rename User Defined Fields on Customer Address.ppsx Learning Script: N/A Feature of the Day: Tolerance Handling New configuration options in Purchase Order Processing Setup and Item Purchasing Options Maintenance window Original article: Fea

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 "Feature of the Day" - Week 1 Digest

Over at the  Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP  blog, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Management team has been blasting out daily entries with some very cool features coming in the next - very awaited - release, Dynamics GP 2013. While the first article wasn't precisely a "Feature of the day", news first came of the new pricing model that will probably be in effect with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, labeled Napkin Pricing . For more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 pricing, please take a look at the following articles over at the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog: Napkin Pricing New Pricing for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Announced Today The "Features" format attempt to explain, why is the feature cool, a picture of the main window containing the functionality, how you can view it, and more interesting, a link to go and learn it. The following graphic (taken from one of the presentations) illustrates the concept: Finally, here are the 4

Dynamic Business

The term "Dynamic Business" has been kicked around at numerous Convergence and Airlift events and has been quite a motto for the many Microsoft Dynamics business units for the past few years. Now, Fred Studer, General Manager Microsoft Dynamics wants you to understand it firsthand what it is. Enjoy the video! Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MVP IntellPartners, LLC

Installing 64-bit Microsoft Access on a 64-bit environment running 32-bit Microsoft Office

If you do much systems installation as I do, you may have become aware that the Microsoft Access Database Engine redistributable is required for Management Reporter process service to read report data from Excel workbooks. However, if Management Reporter is installed on a 64-bit environment, you must install the 64-bit version of Microsoft Access 2010 Database Engine redistributable. See the Microsoft Access 2010 Database Engine redistributable page for more information and to download the component. On the other hand, some specific (and widely used) features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 require 32-bit Microsoft Office - Email and Word Templates features. See the Technology Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Features page for more information. To overcome the issue, this is, being able to install 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine redistributable, side by side with a 32-bit Microsoft Office installation, you must install the re