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Excel Copy/Paste feature not working on General Entry modified window

If you have grown used to the relatively new Excel Copy/Paste feature in the General Ledger Transaction Entry, you are probably enjoying the benefits of collecting journalized spreadsheets from around the company and simply integrating these into Microsoft Dynamics GP without too much effort. Excel Copy/Paste in GL Transaction Entry window The fact is, not having to run an integration from another tool for something apparently very simple, always seems to be the way to go. Recently, however, I ran into a situation where this window had been customized with Modifier (but the same can be said for a third party alternate version of window) by a customer. The customer reorganized a few fields within the window and added a couple others with Modifier to address some specific business needs. As it turned out, the Excel Copy/Paste functionality no longer worked, even though the target fields remained the same. Reverting security to the original window rendered the feature usable once

Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Briefing

Today, Microsoft continue to show why it is at the forefront of the computing and technology world. A company that was once joined by the hip to the personal computer (PC) is now able to move with the times with a vision centered on mobile computing - to think, a few years ago the company was scrambling to catch up with Apple and Google. Just 10 weeks ago, Microsoft begun rolling out Windows 10 and now boasts 110 million users and 8 million business PCs. Once more, Microsoft surprises the computing world with a host of new computing devices designed specifically for Windows 10. Windows 10 Devices Briefing Microsoft Devices: Do Great Things . The New Microsoft Band The New Microsoft Band: Live Healthier and Achieve More The New Microsoft Surface Book The New Microsoft Surface Pro 4 The New Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL Tell you the truth, I moved from a Windows phone ( Samsung ATIV S Neo ) on the Sprint network to a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge