Friday, October 23, 2015

Excel Copy/Paste feature not working on General Entry modified window

If you have grown used to the relatively new Excel Copy/Paste feature in the General Ledger Transaction Entry, you are probably enjoying the benefits of collecting journalized spreadsheets from around the company and simply integrating these into Microsoft Dynamics GP without too much effort.

Excel Copy/Paste in GL Transaction Entry window

The fact is, not having to run an integration from another tool for something apparently very simple, always seems to be the way to go.

Recently, however, I ran into a situation where this window had been customized with Modifier (but the same can be said for a third party alternate version of window) by a customer. The customer reorganized a few fields within the window and added a couple others with Modifier to address some specific business needs. As it turned out, the Excel Copy/Paste functionality no longer worked, even though the target fields remained the same. Reverting security to the original window rendered the feature usable once more.

If you must modify this window _and_ still require the Excel Copy/Paste feature, you will need to create an additional user with access to the original (core) window. This is very similar to what's required for Integration Manager to function when a window has been modified with Modifier or changed by a third party product.

Well, now you know! Happy copy/pasting!

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP


Unknown said...

Hi Mariano,

We have GP 2015R2 installed. We can use the Copy and Paste from Excel to GL but only with the functional currency. When another currency is selected, the Paste button is disabled.
Is this a known issue? Is there a way to make it work? Many thanks.


Jesus Cruz said...

Did you test this feature in Web Client? I tried to do it and it try to save an excel file, but the file is corrupted.

Jesus Cruz

Jesus Cruz said...

I try this on Web Client and have issues. Did you try this in the web client?

If you have any information regarding this, please let us know.


Mariano Gomez said...


No, I did not try this feature on the Web Client. Feel free to post back with your findings.