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Google Chrome Penalizes Websites Using SHA-1 SSL Certificates

Just recently, I was working with the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 web client and, as is customary, I run my tests on Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. When I brought up the web client website on Internet Explorer and Edge, nothing out of the ordinary seem to happen and effectively, the address bar is squeaky clean, as shown below: Microsoft Edge address bar Internet Explorer address bar However, when you bring up the same site in Google Chrome, you are greeted with a site configuration warning and struck-out https prefix, as shown below Chrome address bar If you further click on the warning sign, you get additional information stating: "This site uses a weak security configuration (SHA-1 signatures), so your connection may not be private." The Details link is further more descriptive by opening the Chrome Security pane, where you get additional information stating the certificate expiration date is approaching soon and t

Five Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounts Payable windows in need of renaming

As many of you know, I am now a member of Mekorma 's Software Engineering team. A big part of what I do revolves around designing and engineering new features for our existing products and building entirely new products. In a cursory review of our flagship product, Mekorma MICR , I realized that Microsoft Dynamics GP has five (5) windows in need of some serious face lift. You see, the face lift is not because there's anything wrong with the windows layout, but rather, everything wrong with their titles. In the days when all the Accounts Payable module could do was check printing, the title of these windows made perfect sense. However, times have evolved and product functionality has expanded to support multiple vendor payment methods: everything from traditional checks, to transferring of electronic funds (EFTs), to -- with the introduction of Dynamics GP 2016 -- credit card payments. NOTE: The credit card payment feature supports building the payment batch and generating

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 web client UI not displaying icons

Just today, I ran into a community forum post  requesting an answer on why Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 web client UI does not display icons. Since I had ran into this same issue before, I though I would I create this article to address the topic. The Problem Most users reporting this issue, experience things like the images shown below, where the Microsoft Dynamics GP logo and upper left corner application splash image are missing. Microsoft Dynamics GP Sign In page (Sessions) Furthermore, if you are able to access the application, mind you, sometimes this is not possible due to static content restrictions, you may find that your navigation bar and other areas of the application are missing the respective icons. It is worth noting that in most cases, the missing icons do not negate the events of the buttons or objects they are associated with. The theory In web development, static content are files that don't change based on user input, and they consist of things l