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You receive "Could'n retrieve the list of available databases: The connection attempt failed" error when updating Management Reporter 2012

Hi everyone! I'm on the tail-end of upgrading a client to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 and came up on an interesting issue when attempting to update Management Reporter 2012 CU6 to CU9. Background In order to create my client's test environment for this upgrade, we cloned their production VMWare environment and went through all the usual server renames, static IP changes, SQL Server renaming, and so forth. For the Management Reporter 2012 database server, we followed the applicable entries outlined in How to move Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 to a new server  ( CustomerSource access required), and in particular we removed the Application and Process services then ran the T-SQL script to re-create the certificate and symmetric key. Once these portions of the configuration were in place, we proceeded to install Management Reporter 2012 CU9, first installing the Application and Process services - which also performed the overall ManagementReporter database update.

You experience slow performance exiting Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 on Windows 10

Today I ran across a very interesting partner forum post, in which the consultant described a slow performance issue when closing (exiting) Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, which started happenning after his client upgraded their Windows workstations to the newly minted Windows 10  operating system. A Microsoft support engineer acknowledge that " there have been a few people experiencing this issue ". The recommendation to bypass the slow application closing is to change or add the following Dex.ini setting to see if it resolves the issue on exit. The setting changes a Microsoft Dynamics GP global variable and avoids the pause that seems to be occurring during the exiting process. OLEClose=FALSE This Dex.ini setting controls whether the Microsoft Dynamics GP application checks for the OLE Container application being opened at the time of shutdown -- a "shutdown" can occur if the user legitimately exits Dynamics GP or simply chooses to open either the Report Writer