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Removing Sample Company Date Message in Microsoft Dynamics GP v10

This one comes courtesy of Leslie Vail, MVP directly from the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift, held in Fargo, North Dakota from May 28 - May 29. Leslie was in awe with a few new tricks she learned from the Dex god -- you need to be around long enough to know who this person is, go Perth! How many times you wish you could vanish that annoying sample companany date message box? How many times you wished you could set the user date to something else when login in? Everyone knows that a customer demo is crucial and 2017 is not quite what most customers have in mind when you open up a demo environment. The answers are all here now! You are looking at a few new Dex.ini settings that allow you to do just that! Edit the dex.ini file and include one of the following: SampleDateMsg=FALSE - will prevent the dialog box from being displayed while leaving the date as April 12, 2017 SampleDateMMDDYYYY=00000000 - will prevent the dialog box from being displayed and to use the current system

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 2 Now Available

What everyone was expecting! Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 2 is now available to customers and partners from CustomerSource or PartnerSource, respectively. The following is a summary of all service pack version numbers: Dynamics GP v10 No Service Pack ---------------- 10.00.0774 Dynamics GP v10 Service Pack 1 ------------------ 10.00.0903 Dynamics GP v10 Service Pack 2 ------------------ 10.00.1061 To locate your current product service pack level, choose the Help > About Microsoft Dynamics GP option. The following "Important Notes" have been released with Service Pack 2: **IMPORTANT NOTES** 1. If you use Manufacturing, you will need to run a Rollup and Replace in the Standard Cost Changes window (Cards Manufacturing Inventory Standard Cost Changes) following any patch installation. 2. If you have a multi-lingual environment with English client installations and translated client installations, click HERE to review a table listing the .MSP files that need to be

In-Transit Transfer Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

For those of you who have embarked in the implementation of ITTT, please be aware of the following issues in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0: 1. When you post an In-Transit Inventory transaction at the transaction level from the Receivings Transaction Entry window, posting will finish. However, the data in the Inventory tables will be incorrect. You can navigate to the Receivings Transaction Entry window from the Transactions menu, point to Purchasing, and then click Receivings Transaction Entry. 2. When you try to post a Purchasing Transaction batch from the Purchasing Batches window that contains an In-Transit Inventory transaction, the processing stops with the progress bar at 100% and the posting process does not finish. You can navigate to the Purchasing Batches window from the Transaction menu, point to Purchasing, and then click Purchasing Batches. The above issues have been resolved with the latest patch release for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0. (Service Pack 1). 3. When you use the I

Displaying the Account Number Separator Character for SmartLists Created With SmartList Builder

This one was rescued from the Microsoft Dynamics GP community newsgroup and I have to admit, it's perhaps one of the darn best Dynamics GP tips I have seen in a while -- and trust me, I have been around that long. Transcript of the question (courtesy of Bob Cool) and the response (courtesy of Habib Salim) in the newsgroup is as follow: Search Accounts window Bob asks: I'm trying to figure out how to define a SmartList using Builder so that when you search on the Account Number, you get the Value box that splits the account into its associated components. For example, our account numbers consist of three segments. If I enter a search criteria for the account number in any one of the standard SmartLists, the Value box has three distinct pieces, each separated by a hyphen. If I use the GL00101 table in Builder, I would have to create a calculated field, concatenating all 3 segments together - but that won't show up as the 3 separate fields with hyphens between th

Retrieving an eConnect XML Message from MSMQ

A common issue with eConnect's development is the ability to retrieve messages extracted with the eConnect Requester service from an MSMQ queue. While most developers will be able to setup the Requester Service to extract data from Microsoft Dynamics GP, most will find it hard to retrieve those messages from their integrating solutions. The following VB.NET code shows a quick and efficient way of doing just that. Private Sub GetMessage() 'Create queue object to retrieve messages from the default outgoing queue Dim MyQueue As New MessageQueue(".\private$\econnect_outgoing9") 'Create an MSMQ formatter and transaction objects MyQueue.Formatter = New ActiveXMessageFormatter Dim MyTransaction As New MessageQueueTransaction 'Create a message object Dim MyMessage As Message Try 'Retrieve a message from the queue 'This example assumes there is always a message waiting in the queue MyTransaction.Begin() MyMessage = MyQueue.Receiv

Navigating the Sea of Emerging Reporting Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Long gone are the days when all you could cheer for was Report Writer and Advanced Financial Analysis. Now, your colleagues seem to be talking sophistication: FRx, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SmartLists. You may wonder how it is that time went by so quickly and how you missed the boat. In this article, I explain the most important tools that have emerged over the last couple years, in terms of where each stands in the reporting spectrum. Reporting tools are divided into three categories: 1. Financial Reporting Tools . These tools allow the creation of reports designed to show your company's financial performance during any given period. Financial reporting tools work by interacting directly with the GL tables. Examples of such reports include the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow reports. 2. General-Purpose Reporting Tools . These tools adopt a "free style" approach to report development and supply the user with virtually endless

Integration Manager v9.0 & v10.0 Problem with Microsoft Excel 2007 DSNs

When creating a new DSN using the Microsoft Excel driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, etc.), you may receive the following error "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.IntegrationManager.exe [6392]." followed by a dialog box to Debug or Close Program when attempting to select the Table drop-down in Integration Manager. This problem occurs with Microsoft Excel driver version 12.00.6211.1000. Microsoft has confirmed this to be an issue with Integration Manager v9.0 and v.10 and has moved this up to the priority list to be fixed with the release of Service Pack 2. Now, here is the work around I was able to come up with. 1) Create the DSN without building the connection string, then save. 2) Open the DSN again. This time around, click on the Connection String tab, and choose your workbook, then click on Apply. 3) Now, add your source as Simple or Advanced ODBC. Write your query WITHOUT clicking on the Query Builder button and click on the columns tab. Until next post

Upgrading SOP Entry VBA Customizations from Dynamics GP 9.0 to Dynamics GP 10.0

By now you may have painfully noticed that all the SOP Entry screen buttons have disappeared and replaced by a graceful Actions button drop-down list. That's cool! Some may say. Less clutter! Others may yell. Yeah, right! But, for you the developer, this means that you are faced with upgrading all the customizations that depended on the Save, Delete, Void, Post, Transfer, and Purchase buttons to manage the new Actions button and spend a few more hours testing. Approach To make the changes to your customization code you must use the ActionButton.Value method to find the value of the chosen action (Save, Delete, etc.), however, life is not so simple as this window behaves differently based on the SOP document type, this is, the list of items in the Action button changes, depending on the type of SOP document selected by the user. For instance, assume you wanted to trap for the Delete action. When the document type is Fulfillment Order, choosing Delete causes ActionButton.Value proper

Using the New UserInfo Object in VBA for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

With the release of MS Dynamics GP 10.0, the RetrieveGlobals.dll and RetrieveGlobals9.dll libraries available for releases 8.0 and 9.0 respectively, are no longer available to VBA customization developers. Instead, VBA has been boosted with a new UserInfo object that will allow developers direct access to login information for the current user signed in into the application, providing a more transparent and integrated approach than the traditional RetrieveGlobals external objects. The following code snippet shows how to make use of the UserInfo object and pass its information to an ADODB.Connection object. Window_BeforeOpen() Event Private Sub Window_BeforeOpen(ByVal OpenVisible As Boolean) cn = UserInfoGet.CreateADOConnection cn.DefaultDatabase = UserInfoGet.IntercompanyID cmd.ActiveConnection = cn cmd.CommandType = adCmdText End Sub In the above example, the Window_BeforeOpen event will initialize the connection information. SomeField_Changed() Event Option Explicit On

OLE Notes Path and Microsoft Dynamics GP Performance

Microsoft Dynamics GP's performance may be affected if the OLE Notes path is not consistent among all workstations where Dynamics GP is installed. The performance behavior is consistent with that of slow network connectivity, which can lead to troubleshooting down the wrong path. To verify each workstation's OLE path, open the DEX.INI file (located under the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation folder for versions prior to 10.0 or in the Data folder under the installation folder for Dynamics GP 10.0 and above) and check the OLEPath setting (Click on image to enlarge). MG.- Mariano Gomez, MIS, MCP, PMP Maximum Global Business, LLC

Accessing Microsoft Dynamics Knowledgebase Articles Directly from the Browser Address Bar

If you know the Knowledgebase article that you want to access in Microsoft Dynamics Support, there is no need to navigate through CustomerSource or PartnerSource to reach such article. You can paste the following link in your browser:;en-us;XXXXXX Replace the XXXXXX for the six digit article number and press Enter on your keyboard. Very useful trick when time is of the essence. Until next post! MG.- Mariano Gomez, MIS, MCP, PMP Maximum Global Business, LLC

Sorting Records in Integration Manager v10.

After performing an upgrade to IM v10, from a previous release, users and developers alike must be aware that records will not automatically sort in the same order they appear in the file, thus making visual comparisons between source files and GP a bit more difficult. To overcome this issue, open the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.IntegrationManager.ini file found under your Integration Manager installation folder and change the UseOptimizedFiltering value to False . This issues has been documented under KB article 924857. MG.- Mariano Gomez, MIS, MCP, PMP Maximum Global Business, LLC

Maximize Your Financial Investment in Dynamics During Uncertain Economic Times - Three Ways to Get More from Your Microsoft Dynamics System

You don't need a sophisticated computer application to tell you that economic conditions are deteriorating: customers not paying on time, vendors demanding payments sooner than usual, sales targets not being met, higher freight charges due to gas prices, inventory piling up, and so on. On top of all those issues, you purchased your Microsoft Dynamics system and paid top consulting dollars, with the hope of better management and insight into your company's business activities, as well as to alleviate some transaction processing pains experienced prior to the implementation. Yet everything seems to be moving at about the same pace as it was before you made your investment. The underlying problem may be that you are not taking full advantage of your Microsoft Dynamics system to help your organization thrive during these economic times. In fact, many organizations embark on the expensive and time-consuming task of implementing ERP systems without understanding the benefits of doing

Surviving as an Independent Consultant - 5 Suggestions to Improve your Chances

As these economic times appear to be more and more difficult, consultants around the world are bracing for significant declines in current revenue stream. However, there is a particular niche of consultants – the Microsoft Dynamics group of independents – who will perhaps feel the pinch a little more. So, what to do when things turn sour? 1. Learn or improve upon existing skills. If you are not in tune or familiar with particular aspects of the Dynamics application you currently support, you can sign up for online classes, read manuals and participate in discussion boards. You will soon discover that the aspects of the application you have been neglecting are now a part of your arsenal of skills, and allow you to market yourself better among new and existing customers. Don’t be afraid of learning another Dynamics application! Believe it or not, the financial and distribution concepts are not that far apart in each solution, plus you will enjoy doing so as much as you did learning the c

Dropping Timestamps from SQL Server and Text File Data Sources in Integration Manager

As promissed, the following post deals with managing those rogued timestamps in SQL Server and text file data sources. This problem, contrary to what anyone would think, is very common among Integration Manager developers and has haunted newsgroups and message boards with questions on how to effect such conversions. I have devised two methods that are effective in removing timestamps from data sources. The first method deals with the problem at its source -- the source query. The second method utilizes VBScript to remove the timestamp. SQL Server Query Method (Source Query) To drop a timestamp from a SQL Server data source, you will need to setup a simple ODBC or advance ODBC data source. The query will have to make use of the SQL Server convert function to remove the timestamp from the datetime field as follows: select field1, field2,..., convert ( datetime , convert ( char (15), thedatefield, 101)) as newdatefield from your_table where your_condition Note the dual conversion, fr

Supported Date Formats in Integration Manager

The topic of date formats supported by Integration Manager comes up very often in discussion boards and online community forums around the web, especially overseas where date formats tend to be distinct from the typical US format. Even here in the US, it is necessary to make certain adjustments to the date format if characters other than the forward slash ("/") are introduced as separators. Currently, Integration Manager will accept date formats that are in the order of month-day-year. Using the date 05/01/08, the following formats will be acceptable within your source file or table: MM/DD/YY 05/01/08 MM/DD/YYYY 05/01/2008 M/D/YY 5/1/08 M/D/YYYY 5/1/2008 MMDDYY 050108 MMDDYYYY 05012008 When converting other date formats, it will be necessary to introduce VBScript into the mapping of the date field to standardize to any of the aforementioned formats. Let’s assume a transaction date of '20080501' (YYYYMMDD) is given in a file, to be converted to the traditional US

Macros in Microsoft Dynamics GP v 10.0

Yesterday, I was asked why macros that seemed pretty straight forward and worked well in previous releases of Microsoft Dynamics GP, all in a sudden, seem not to work in Dynamics GP 10. Case in particular, a macro was previously written to automate the checklinks of the Sales Work table group and automatically close the application after completing the operation, but now seemed to hung when attempting to close. After running a few tests, as I suspected, the reason Microsoft Dynamics GP is not quiting is 3-fold: 1) The Navigation Pane feature is an internal Dexterity window. When control is returned from the check links process, the focus is immediately returned to the navigation pane, not the work area form (BuiLtin form), causing the macro command to fail. To fix this, the navigation pane needs to be disabled first when the macro begins its execution: CommandExec dictionary 'default' form 'Command_System' command NavigationPane 2) Macros and Progress Windows are enemie

Suppressing Voided Documents from Customer Statements

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a feature-rich product with the ability to include and exclude a good amount of information via the user interface, but when it comes to simple practical aspects such as suppressing voided documents from a customer statement, well it kind of falls short. No worries though! This article presents detail steps on how to suppress voided documents on customer statements without involving any programming. For this example, I will be using the RM Statement Long Form (any statement will do) and will devide the process into 2 phases. So, lets get started. Phase I - Setup the new relationships to expose the Void Status field Since the document void status cannot be obtained from the current tables in the relationship, it will be necessary to create a relationship to the RM Open table. 1) Print the statement you would like to modify to screen and hit CTRL + F9 on your keyboard. Close ALL opened windows once in Report Writer. 2) Click the Tables button on the too