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#PowerApps: Simple Object Proximity and Collision Detection

As of late, I have been very interested in all things "Motion" as it relates to developing PowerApps applications - see #PowerApps: Motion Patterns with Parametric Equations . Although, most of the apps you will see tend to be around solving business problems, you cannot really dismiss the capabilities of PowerApps as a gaming platform. The Basics In this article, I explore a simple object proximity and collision detection approach, based on some simple logic. The world of gaming uses more sophisticated algorithms based on the laws of physics and what's not, but keep in mind that PowerApps is designed to be a low code/no code environment, hence access to user driven programmatic methods is extremely limited. The following is a representation of the actual canvas apps I created for this example. It consists of 4 directional arrows to provide motion to smiley, a simple character added from the icons gallery. In addition, we have a rectangular obstacle added a

#PowerApps: Motion Patterns with Parametric Equations

As of late, I have been experimenting with motion in Microsoft PowerApps. This has actually helped me to revisit different mathematical models describing the motion of objects throw a two-dimensional space. As a result, I have created this video explaining how to create the following motion patterns: Lissajous Curve Rose Curve Spiral Curve Hypothrocoid You can download the msapp file from the PowerApps Community Apps Gallery here . Until next post, MG.- Mariano Gomez, MVP