Power Apps - Application Monitoring with Azure Application Insights

In this video, learn to enable Power Apps Application Monitoring with Azure Application Insights. 

The following topics are covered in this video: 

(0:00) - Intro 
(0:36) - What is Azure Application Insights 
(1:32) - The timesheet app 
(2:12) - Creating an Application Insight for the timesheet application 
(3:55) - Identify and copy the application instrumentation key 
(4:09) - Enabling the timesheet application with the instrumentation key 
(5:32) - Working with Application Insights 
(8:06) - Outro

For additional information on Azure Application Insights, please follow these resources:

Microsoft Docs - What is Azure Application Insights? here
Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone: Azure Application Insights Tutorial, here

To check out my YouTube channel visit: https://youtube.com/user/mgomezb1


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Mariano Gomez, MVP


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