GPUG Summit 2014 St. Louis - Wrap Up!

Wrap Up Post

It's time to close this chapter, but not without a few thoughts:

1. The Summit keeps attracting more and more attendees each and every year. This year, we maxed out at around 3,500 people which is quite a feat if you put it in perspective. My gut feeling tells me in a couple years we will be talking Convergence numbers and this will be mostly end-users!

2. I feel the Summit could take advantage of repeat sessions, similar to Convergence. Many topics were too similar in title and content, which could confuse the end-user when selecting a session to attend, given that each presenter (and presenter style) is different.

3. There aren't enough parties! Rock-n-Rave and FastPath alone cannot entertain 3,500 people -- on another note, after seeing Andy Snook rock the bass at the PBR St. Louis, I'm convinced that we could take advantage of a stadium or arena to make something big.

4. It's cool to hang out with Polino. They guy simply knows when to relax and have fun! I wish he rode the bull at PBR. That would have been quite the show.

Coverage from the previous days can be found using the links below:

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You can download the presentation materials for my sessions (including the session I did with Kitty Geiger on Modifier with VBA) from OneDrive using the following link:

See you in Fargo, North Dakota in November for reIMAGINE 2014. I will co-presenting with Kevin Racer on some GP 2015 Service Based Architecture stuff and with David Musgrave on the Support Debugging Tool. You will not want to miss any of this action.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Intelligent Partnerships, LLC


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