New Article on MSDynamicsWorld: Do's and Don'ts of Microsoft Dynamics GP Forums

Many of you know me as an avid forum contributor - I can usually be found on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Online Technical Community and every once in a while on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Community Forum. Today, I came across a new article from MVP Victoria Yudin, posted on MSDynamicsWorld.  Her article, titled Do's and Don'ts of Microsoft Dynamics GP Forums: More Real World Lessons is an excellent piece on what is expected (and not) from you when you are about to request assistance on a forum, whether you are a partner or a customer.

We all fall victims of the moment and want to get a problem resolved ASAP, but there is certain etiquette you must follow to ensure that your question is properly addressed by those of us who are gladly ready to help. I can't remember how many times I have had to ask "what version and build number of GP are you referring to?" when a question is posted on a forum. The bottom line is, these little things help us research whether your problem is a known issue and whether it has been fixed by some service pack. It also helps us gauge whether your perceived problem is something that has been addressed in newer versions of GP or simply a feature available through an ISV solution, and even identify true product bugs.

Please read up on Victoria's article as it will help to clarify some aspects of forum posting.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


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