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Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013 - More on Day 1

How does one manage to talk about a Conference when not in attendance? Well, you get reporters on the ground to tell you what's going on.

Sivakumar Venkataraman with Microsoft reminds everyone of the different tracks and sessions features in each:

My good friend Thomas Franz over at Integrity Data had a few things to relay, starting from a shout out to Microsoft and GPCC for the great content. His appreciation however goes to the one-off conversations with the Microsoft team and members of the GP community. While Thomas was entertained, elsewhere his coworker, Bobby, managed to pin down my good friend Brian Roney for a possible solution to a big customer request. Kudos to Brian and Michael Hammond who were kind enough to pickup the session I was going to deliver, Developing for the Web Client: a Microsoft Dexterity perspective. Thomas also attended the opening session with Chad an Errol and enjoyed all the roadmap talks. You can read more about the roadmap in my Day 1 coverage. Thomas also attended the Web Client Customization with VST session and noted the flexibility it provided for some of the work they are doing over at Integrity Data. I covered a great deal of this in my article VST: Rendering WinForms in Microsoft Dynamics GP web client

Thomas also attended the Deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 on Windows on Azure session presented by my good friend Daryl Anderson. He was looking at this for a possible SharePoint hosting solution for their U-LINC customers. 

After the day of sessions, they headed outside for the welcome reception were discussions revolved around current project issues.  Somehow, the Integrity folks managed to muster some energy to host a coding party in Bobby’s room at the hotel. Bobby and Nick started proving out Brian Roney’s suggestion and I provisioned a new SharePoint server on Azure.  Where else do you get to do this stuff?

I am sure there was a lot of serious conversations going on at the Welcome Reception, but I find that some people just prefer to enjoy life for what it is... you go ladies!

Windi Epperson (The Knaster Group)
Linda Brock (The Knaster Group)

More on Day 1:

GP Airlift 2013 - Day 1 (Kuntz Consulting Blog)

Thanks to my reporters Thomas Franz with Integrity Data and Tanya Henderson with S2 Technology.

Day 2 updates to follow.

Until next post!

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