Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How does Microsoft Dynamics GP determine which account to use when sending emails

One of the advantages of working with Microsoft Outlook is its ability to configure multiple email accounts.  Recently, a partner was working with a customer that supports multiple companies, so a such, each employee has an email account per company supported.

The partner was under the impression that Microsoft Dynamics GP "looked" at the mailbox for the email account opened at the time of sending an email, but came to the conclusion it wasn't the case as the customer could not get emails sent through a second email account.

So how does Microsoft Dynamics GP determine which email account to use when sending emails via Microsoft Outlook?

The mailbox information is determined based on the default email account configured in Microsoft Outlook. To check for the default email account in Microsoft Outlook, follow one of the following two procedures:

Method 1: Control Panel

1. Open the Control Panel
2. Double-click on User Account and Family Safety
3. Click on Mail to Open the Mail Setup - Outlook window
4. Click on the Email Accounts button to open the Account Settings window

Account Settings window

Method 2: Outlook

1. From inside Microsoft Outlook, click on the File menu
2. Click on the Account Settings drop-down button under the Account Information pane.

Account Settings button

3. Click on the Account Settings option in the drop-down and this should open the previously shown Account Settings window.

Now, the account marked with the checkmark next to it will be the default account used by Microsoft Dynamics GP when sending emails.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
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Unknown said...

sMicrosoft Dynamics GP
awesome software i just apreciate it's highly integrated uses and also the article did explain the software quite justly.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that it is the reason why people don'T get prompted for the e-mail and password Exchange login ?

If so, how do we make GP prompt the login window?

Anonymous said...


Great Post...

Related question, my client wants to send notifications to different email address than configured in AD. Can they just change the address in AD, when does gp get the destination email address and where from?

Kurt Quiggle