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Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011: Day 4 afternoon

Day 4: April 13, 2011

After the awesome closing speach by Malcolm Gladwell and the interactive discussion session on Security, we came across Pam Misialek, who was just out of a meeting and also on her way to lunch. .
Mariano Gomez and Pam Misialek
Little after catching up with Pam, we saw John Lowther walking down the corridor and caught up with him as well. As you can expect, we all were dragging feet by then, but managed to keep up the good spirit for the rest of the afternoon.

Mariano Gomez, Pam Misialek, David Musgrave, John Lowther
On our way to the Meal Hall, we stopped to say hi to Greg Willson and Patrick Roth who were manning Support in the Community and Learning Center area. We also ran into fellow blogger Yulia Smotrova and MVP Leslie Vail. Yulia was on her way out to the airport to grab her flight to New York City.

David Musgrave, Yulia Smotrova, Mariano Gomez, Leslie Vail, Greg Willson
After lunch, David and I were quick to the Sydney Marcus Auditorium to see fellow MVP Mark Polino presenting his session, CSGP06-R2 Getting More Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP: 50 tips in 50 minutes. I have to say I truly enjoyed Mark's session as there are still these little things that escape me, even working with the product for so many years.

MVP Mark Polino
Next, we returned to the Community and Learning Center to decompress for a bit before our session. The hour break went by pretty quick. I had a chance to catch up with fellow IntellPartners', CEO Ted Mauldin who was talking to a few people.

The break was short lived with David and I having to go to room A-305 for our session, CSGP014-R2 Administering Microsoft Dynamics GP Like a Pro with the Support Debugging Tool. We opened our session with a number of songs being played off David's laptop. This was a good starting point as many attendees were already on their last ounce of energy.

The session began with our (now) traditional introductions. From there on, everything went very well, managing to keep people awake, though I have to admit we were both dragging feet as well. For all of you who sticked it out until the end, David and I truly appreciate your kind words and support.

The professors at work (and having fun!)
The session ended on time, but we still managed to spend the next 15 minutes answering questions, despite being completely drained.

Q&A - way past our session's time
We made plans to go to dinner at the Omni Hotel. On my way there, I caught up with the eOne Integrated Business Solutions team from Australia. These dudes also looked like they could use some sleep themselves. Low and behold, there was Pam Misialek too! We all discussed briefly the outcome of our ran through Convergence and said our goodbyes.

The eOne Solutions Team crashing after a long week (and Pam Misialek, but this is not what you are thinking)
After a couple drinks at the bar, we moved to the McCormick and Schmick's restaurant at the CNN Center. The truth is, this was everyone's last effort to get some R&R time before leaving the event for the day.

David Musgrave (Microsoft), Joyce Vanjura (Fuddruckers), Mike McDowell (Stay-Home Healthcare), MVP Leslie Vail, Jorge Cortez Monroy (Taylor Shellfish), David Eichner (ICAN Software), John Lowther (Stay-Home Healthcare), Ted Mauldin (IntellPartners), Mariano Gomez (IntellPartners)
We had a great time, but it was now time to say goodbye. David, Ted, and I headed out of the CNN Center. I dropped off Ted at the North Springs MARTA station from where he picked up his car. David will be staying with me for the next 2 days, debriefing and evaluating our sessions.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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