Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adobe PDF Converter error when sending report to PDF in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Just recently, I was working on a few Report Writer reports for a client and assisting with installing the latest Adobe Acrobat Standard version for them. After Adobe was installed, we decided to run a few tests to attempt to send some of the modified reports output via email using the Send To > Mail Recipient PDF option on the Report Output window.

Send To > Mail Recipient PDF
Upon choosing the Mail Recipient PDF option, we received the following error:

Adobe PDF Converter error

The error seems to come from the Adobe PDF Converter application which suggested that our PDF conversion process must rely on the system fonts and use document fonts. In addition, the message provided the path to address the issue as well, so we followed.

Initially, you must go to the Devices and Printers panel in Microsoft Windows, then right click on the Adobe PDF Converter printer and choose Printer Properties.

Devices and Printers panel
Once the Adobe PDF Converter Properties window opens, click on the Preferences button

Adobe PDF Converter Properties window
The Preferences button will now open the Adobe PDF Converter Printing Preferences window, where the option referring to the specific error comes to surface:

Adobe PDF Converter Printing Preferences window
Once the checkbox was unmarked, we were able to re-test our reports and everything worked just as intended.
If you ever run across this error, just know that the fix is very simple.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Gadget Reviews said...

Thank you. I really needed that

Erin H. said...

Hi Mariano -
We are having this same issue. The odd part is we have followed the instructions in the application, which match yours, and are still getting the same error even when the "rely on system fonts" selection is off/unchecked. We've verified the print settings, closed/reopened the application, etc. No luck. Of note, we do run GP through a Citrix server and not on a local install.

Any suggestions? Thanks for any help/ideas you can offer. We appreciate it!

Mariano Gomez said...


Chances are you need to set these on your Citrix server, since GP runs there. Open an administrative console on your Citrix server and change the Adobe settings there.