Monday, August 24, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics GP v10 Service Pack 4 now available

The highly anticipated Microsoft Dynamics GP v10 Service Pack 4 is hot out of the oven! Service Pack 4 had been expected by the end of this week, but the development and tesing teams worked around the clock to beat the deadline.

Service Pack 4 addresses a number of issues and delivers new features, such as International ACH Transactions (IAT) and Extender enhancement capabilities for forms and detail forms.

Extender Forms Enhancements

  • Create new data entry forms for master files and transactions
  • Create SmartLists for each new form
  • Add Note windows and Note List windows
  • Create conditional and calculated fields
  • Use lookups to link to any Microsoft Dynamics GP or third party table
  • Generate the next master ID numbers automatically
  • Add up to 50 extra windows for each form
  • Open associated applications from files
  • Use templates to default fields and increase data entry speed
  • Create multicurrency forms
  • Create views
  • Import data into forms
Extender Detail Forms Enhancements
  • Create scrolling windows with up to ten user defined fields
  • Import data into detail forms
  • Add detail forms as quick links on the Home Page
SP4 will bring the Dynamics dictionary build number to 10.00.1368, but be sure to read the Installation Guide topics. There is an issue with Service Pack 4 that changes the OLEPath in the Dex.ini to the default local path. If you use OLE Notes and have a path to a network share, make sure to review the Dex.ini at each client workstation following the hotfix installation to ensure the path is correct. This issue is currently under review for a fix release. The default location for the Dex.ini is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Data.

You can download Microsoft Dynamics GP v10 Service Pack 4 from:

CustomerSource - Click here
PartnerSource - Click here

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Anonymous said...

if someone wants service pack and isn't current on service plan to access customersource or can they get the sp? and does sp4 require reg keys?

Mariano Gomez said...

The purpose of service plans is to have access to service packs and other enhancements. If you are not current on your service plan, you cannot get the service pack.

Service packs do not require any new registration keys.

Mariano Gomez, MVP

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Unknown said...

Is it possible to add third party windows to GP Action List? If so is there any examples available.