Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Color coding Integration Manager scripts

Ok, so this is not currently possible [Ed: with version 10.0. This functionality was previously available with IM version 9], but won't it be great if it were? :-))

This question came up in the Dynamics GP Developers' newsgroup just a couple days aback and while the developer was sure of seing this at one of his clients, I assured him that Integration Manager did not have the capability of color coding the script, which is very standard stuff in other script editors and development environments, take for example Dynamics GP VBA code editor.

The above image is simulated and not an actual capability of Integration Manager

Nonetheless, I explained to the developer that I use other tools like VbsEdit to provide script color coding and some debugging capabilities. Except for native Integration Manager objects, VbsEdit is capable of color coding keywords, numbers, strings, etc., and provide line numbering which facilitates code readability and troubleshooting. Did I mention the ability to insert code breakpoints and the more than 200 sample scripts provided?

So the next time you are struggling with VBScripting within Integration Manager, consider giving VbsEdit a shot. You may also want to look into Notepad++ which offers similar features.

Finally as I may be wrong and since nothing is set in stone, if you have been able to enable script color coding in Integration Manager's Script Editor please post back with how you did it.

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