Thursday, August 20, 2009

International ACH Transaction (IAT) functionality for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

For those of you awaiting key EFT enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics GP, here is a bit of news published back in July -- a bit late, but still worth sharing.
The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) have published new specifications for International ACH Transactions (IAT). As of September 18, 2009 the new IAT code will need to be in place that requires participants to identify international transitions and to code these transactions as IAT transactions.

Additional information regarding the specification can be found at

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 will support the new International ACH Transaction (IAT) ACH format changes with the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 service pack 4. The electronic file transfer (EFT) formats will be changed for Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables and Receivables modules.

Note: The Royal Bank of Canada file format specification changes will also be included in 10 service pack 4.
The latest word on service pack 4 is that it will be available on the week of August 24.

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Mariano Gomez, MIS
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Anonymous said...

Microsoft is so full of jerks. They are not updating the ACH for IAT functionality in Dynamics NAV. Somehow they find the time to do it for GP. Jerks!!!!

Mariano Gomez said...

At this time, the Development team is working on the new requirments but they have not provided a date of when it will be released. The requirements for the ACH are due by September and I would think they would make it available before the deadline. If I had to guess and this is only a guess, they will release it sometime this late summer/fall, but I have no idea when.

Mariano Gomez, MVP

Anonymous said...

Regarding IAT setup, is there any documentation that you know of that documents where the eft file set up information is pulled from. For example, where does the IAT Batch Header pull the ISO Destination County code from?

Thank you