The Dynamics GP Blogster's best articles of 2009

Another years is gone by and as it's customary around the last days of the year the media always seems to have some list with "The best this" or "The best that" of the outgoing year. I figured I won't stay behind and, while by no stretch of the imagination I am some media conglomerate, I would join in with the best articles or series of articles published on this site during the 2009 year. Hope you enjoy the selection and chime in with the ones you believe were the best. So let's get the ball rolling!

1. Sending emails with Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) and Dexterity (Jan 19). This article became a hit with the Dynamics GP development community and formed the base for the SMTP email capabilities built into the Support Debugging Tool.

2. Displaying Hijri dates in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Feb 19). What was once thought impossible -- displaying Hijri dates -- was accomplished with a couple lines of code. Now the Dynamics GP community in the Middle East is able to accomodate this simple script and use it on some of their reports.

3. Fargo Flooding (March series). Not every article was Dynamics GP technical or functional in nature. Many of us were very concerned about the well being of our friends in the plains and I believe I was able to communicate a bit of this during those tough times with the invaluable help of my friend Tom Irsfeld.

4. Modifier with VBA Workshop (March series). I believe this was the first time anyone has ever used a blog to deliver training content like this. Nonetheless, many of you had rave reviews about this workshop and expressed wanting to see more content like this delivered.

5. Are you a "Musgravion" follower? (Apr 17). Simple, if your not then we have a problem :-)

6. Is there a maximum number of lines that can be inserted in any given scrolling window? (May 11). What started as a brain teaser was quickly embraced by many of you as a good article that clearly explained the role of line sequence numbers in scrolling window.

7. How does Check Links work? (Jun 18). This article was created based on numerous newsgroup questions asking about Microsoft Dynamics GP maintenance procedures and why check links removed records in the process.

8. Microsoft Dynamics GP in Russian - Microsoft Dynamics Г.П. на русском языке (Jul 28). Controversy? Excitement? You choose, but this article caught the attention of my Eastern European friends and everyone who was interested in knowing if it was even possible to see a Cyrilic version of GP. Being this a pet project, it has been placed on hold indefinitely.

9. Microsoft Dynamics GP v10 and supported virtualization platforms (Sep 21). The topic of virtualization eluded the Community for a while and I tried to provide some info and source where you could go for platform compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics GP. A start nonetheless!

10. Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2009 (Nov series). I really enjoyed my time at the Conference and well, most of you are still talking about it so here it is again.

I hope you enjoyed the selection and if you think I missed something just chime in with some of your best articles.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Doug Pitcher said…
Nice to see your best of list. 2009 was a great year for Dynamics GP content outside of partner/customer source.
Thanks also for the props for the Musgravian article. Your article references the old location of the blog. You may want to update it to


Doug Pitcher
Mariano Gomez said…

Thanks for the update! I fixed the broken link in the article.

Yes, 2009 was a great year for the community with tons of blogs now in circulation and lots of content outside CustomerSource/PartnerSource. Now, the objective is to diseminate this content and this is where social networking comes into play. Stay tuned for some great site improvements to come.

Mariano Gomez, MVP

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