Friday, December 11, 2009

Why my PO Number seems to skip randomly?

The opening goes something like this:

I upgraded from version X.XX [typically 7.x, 8.x] to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and now we are having a problem where the next PO number will sometimes jump back in sequence, often many numbers. What's happening to our PO Numbers?

In my previous article, Why does my next document number change randomly? I gave some insight into why Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 seems to randomly skip document numbers, sometimes backwards. Here is more information on PO Numbers and another method of preventing this behavior.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Purchase Order Processing module, it is possible that a user may have a purchase order number that is completely different from the next number found in the Purchase Order Processing Setup window. Although the next number for purchase orders is set up in the Purchase Order Processing Setup window, Microsoft Dynamics GP will look for unused PO numbers that precede that number. The system will be able to re-use a purchase order number in the following circumstances:

1. If you are not keeping purchase order history and void a purchase order.
2. If you are not keeping purchase order history and delete a purchase order.
3. If you are keeping purchase order history and remove historical purchase orders.

If PO Numbers lower than the one specified are still available, Microsoft Dynamics GP will use this PO Number instead of the one you have set up.

To resolve this, you can use the Minimum PO/Receipt Number utility from the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL). This tool will allow you to prevent Purchase Order Processing from defaulting the PO Number or Receipt Number to a number that is previous to the currently set up next PO.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Anonymous said...

Dear Mario

We've been experiencing this problem as we re-implented Great Plains. We started our PO numbering sequence in "New Co" from PO-001718 which was the next number from "Old Co". Since then our numbers have been jumping all over the place.

I was very happy to find your posting, so applied the Minimun PO/Receipt No utility of PSTL. Unfortunately, this did not solved the problem.

Please can you help us as I cant find any other post on the internet regarding this matter. Your posting seems to be the only one around. I would be happy to provide you with more info about our environment.


Mariano Gomez said...


Did you check my previous post (link provided in this article) on the subject? Chances are, the PO number you have at this time as the next PO number still does not reflect the last value used.

I do not provide support via my blog so you will need to contact Microsoft if you need further assistance.

Mariano Gomez, MVP

K said...

Hi Mariano,

Great post, always.

If you activate Minimum PO, like you suggested, does it have to be done on each of the workstation?


Mariano Gomez said...


Yes, PSTL will need to be loaded on all workstations for this to take effect.

Mariano Gomez

Anonymous said...


Dear Mario
please help me with this error message: "Receipt number 15265 for 28/08/2012 appeared whilst printing the current receipt number for 28/08/2013 and it’s not the first time" in Microsoft dynamics gp. show me the path to make the solution.


Mariano Gomez said...


Have you installed PSTL? It contains the utility that will keep this from happening.


Unknown said...

Can we lock down GP so only system generated PO’s can be created? I don’t want people manually creating their own PO numbers.