Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Technology Corner: Houston Neil weighs in on Microsoft Dynamics products

Fellow blogger Houston Neil addresses the proverbial question of what's the difference between the Microsoft Dynamics products. The truth is, to understand the functional and technological differences, you have to go back a few years in history to look at the Microsoft Dynamics products acquisition process, the failed Microsoft Project Green, and perhaps, even look at Oracle's attempt over the last 7 years to consolidate their products after their acquisition of PeopleSoft to understand that the ERP world is a very complex one with the customer base driving product decisions across the board.

I am a big Microsoft Dynamics GP proponent and defender, and in fact being an MVP allows me to carry out a lot of the product evangelism to customers and partners. Despite the product directions and strategies I have been witnessing over the past couple of years, I will be the first to say that there will be GP for years and years to come (see my article on Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap Update). Am I confident that 10 years from now I will be telling you the same story? I would hope so, but don't bank on that one! After all, the market evolves and set the tone, and ultimately customers in any industry determine what stays and what goes... however, GP chances are looking pretty good from where I stand.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
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