Monday, November 9, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2009 - Final prep work done!

Yesterday, after an afternoon catching up with Leslie and David, I was finally able to link up to the rest of the team staying at the Ramada, namely Mark Rockwell, Richard Whaley, and Darren Hunt from IBG. After weighing the possibility of leaving the hotel for dinner vs. eating at the restaurant by the lobby, we decided for the hotel's restaurant. This is the crew that went to dinner:

Left to Right: Mariano Gomez, Mark Rockwell, MVP Leslie Vail, Richard Whaley, David Musgrave, Darren Hunt

Today, the morning started with a breakfast at the hotel. The hotel shuttled us to the Microsoft campus. I have to admit, the new Vision building is amazing! The Horizon building also underwent some upgrades getting some new war rooms and training areas. Here are some pictures from the Vision building:

Panoramic view of the Vision (left) and Horizon (right) buildings

Vision building

A few in our group were attending eOne's eXtender classes, while David and I went to catch up with the Tools & Developers Support team, Scott Stephenson, Patrick Roth, Dave Dusek, Dawn Langlie, among others. The morning was flying away and we could not seem to find the time to begin working on the presentation. Our presentation timing was really off, lunch was upon us, we had a few more friends stop in to say hi, presenter's shirts were in... after lunch, we sat into a quick meeting with the Dex team, then went to do the technical testing of our laptops with the presentation equipment... still, not much prep work for the presentation at this point.

It was 4:00 PM and we finally were able to take a couple hours to streamline our timing. Hopefully the adjustments will pay off tomorrow. After a long and relatively stressful day, we wrapped up and went down to the event Registration session were we linked up to old friends, had some food, and played some table games, all the while enjoying the venues commons venue. Here are some pictures of the dining area in the Vision building:

Fire pit (it's my understanding this pit is capable of launching water during the summer months)

Food bars. You can get anything from Asian, to stake, to subs and burgers, all with an extensive salad bar to pair up with your meals

Seating area. Equally impressive is the amount of space dedicated to dining

Tomorrow is D day for our presentation. We are up first at 10:45 AM EST (GMT -5:00), but will get together in the morning for some breakfast at the Vision building, then will be moving to our Conference room to get setup. More on how we did tomorrow!

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC

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