Monday, November 2, 2009

The Technology Corner - Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Folks, as you may (or may not) know Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is feature-complete with the beta release being shipped in the next coming days. Microsoft Office 2010 beta should be out almost simultaneously -- for my previous posts on Microsoft Office 2010 click here.

In addition, you may want to clap for this one: SharePoint 2010 will run on Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2, at least the developer's version, eliminating the need for tedius virtual machine or virtual PC images for those of us who are developers or consultants trying to demonstrate things like Microsoft Business Portal and Workflow.

While most of us don't have beta code yet, it is safe to say you can get a head start on setting up a SharePoint 2010 development environment by reading this MSDN entry. Make sure you observe all the system requirements.

Here is what SharePoint Senior Director, Tom Rizzo has to say about the product.

You may also visit the SharePoint 2010 site for videos and more infomation about the subject.

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