Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap Update

Back in April I published an article describing Microsoft Dynamics GP roadmap up to release GP 11 Future Pack. The timeline also described what would happen at least up to 2011.

Just recently the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Management and Marketing team released a new stub titled Microsoft Dynamics GP "11" Preview with a link to the Dynamics GP "11" Presentation Pack (visit their site for more info). The presentation pack contained a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation describing the Dynamics GP roadmap up to GP "14".

To comment a bit on the roadmap, the Product team has a vision that extends beyond the initial 2011 scope delivered back in April, throughout to 2016, which quiets down rumors as to the future of Dynamics GP and reafirming Microsoft's real commitment. While the bullet points accompanying GP "12" and GP "14" are pretty vague, it's worth mentioning that GP "14" is contemplating a major user interface update. I won't be surprised to see more improvements to the GP ribbon and perhaps even extensibility of forms and reports with Visual Studio Tools for Applications. What is Visual Studio Tools for Applications? It's Microsoft's replacement for VBA. After all, VBA is old technology --reminiscence of Visual Basic 6 -- and served it's purpose already if you ask me.

What else to expect? Integration, integration, integration... tighter integration with Microsoft Office, tighter integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server, bigger-broader enhancements to BI, and even support for cloud computing deployments with SQL Azure.

Keep in mind as you read this article that these comments are my personal point of view based on the trends I am seeing across all Microsoft product stacks and do not represent the views and/or directions of Microsoft.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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