Saturday, September 5, 2009

How many Report Options can I create for any given report?

I fielded this question just recently in the newsgroup, and have to admit, I had to dust off my old training manuals and do some inquiries in my Dexterity help file. Bottom line, this could well be a question worthy of a certification exam.

Straight to the answer: you can have up to 32,767 report options for any given report. The number comes from the size limitations imposed to the Dexterity drop-down list control.

You may be saying, "but, I was told that you can have 32, where does the number 32 come from?". 32 is the number of report options that can be assigned to any given report group. Now this limitation stood up to version 8 (see KB article 849505) and I am not sure it has changed for v9 and v10, but if you test it out and find a different value, I would love to hear from you.

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Mariano Gomez, MIS, MCP, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Mike said...

I have found that version 9.0 has a similar limitation. Error pops on 33rd report option attempted to save, "Unable to save the option. There can be only 32 options." (I am attempting to save over 32 options for the Historical Aged Trial Balance-Receivables Management.) Do I understand that a Dexterity mod would be needed to increase this number? Thanks, Mike

Robyn Evans said...

I just ran into this on GP2013 with a Purchasing Report. It is History - Distribution Detail. We added a new option and get this message: Unable to save the option. There can be only 32 options. Is this a bug from old versions? It has apparently been this way...

Mariano Gomez said...


I don't think it was a bug, but rather a self-imposed limitation. This is standard functionality that has been in the app since ever. See the second part of my post.