Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011: Day 2 afternoon

Day 2: April 11, 2011

The morning was exhilarating with the keynote and General Session being the main attractions. It was now time to visit the Expo Hall and see some of the exciting solutions and meet some of the people that make the Microsoft Dynamics product family a success.

Convergence Expo Hall
On our way around the Expo we caught up with our friend Constance Quigley at Q Factor Consulting.

David Musgrave, Constance Quigley (QFactor Consulting), Mariano Gomez

We also caught up with Mr-larger-than-life-Italiano Gianmarco Salzano of Reporting Central, the people who make your subsidiary ledgers balance to the T with your General Ledger. Gianmarco also gave us a pair of shirts like the one he is wearing in the picture.

Gianmarco Salzano @ Reporting Central
It was time for lunch. My stomach was really clamoring for some food. As it is customary, David went off to the back of the hall, to the Specially Prepared Meals area to get some food suitable to his dietary requirements.

Meal Hall
During lunch, we caught up with our friend Sheila Jefferson-Ross and ran by some (new) ideas for our upcoming session, CSGP14-R1 Administering Microsoft Dynamics GP like a Pro with the Support Debugging Tool. Sheila quickly approved of the changes to our presentation and off we went to the speaker's room to refine and get some rest (not without doing some blogging) before our session was on.

5:00 PM was now around the corner and off we went to find our room. We frankly had the idea that it was a relatively small room, but to our surprise A-305 could hold up to 300 people. Our slides went up and we were ready for the show.

CSGP14-R1 Administering Microsoft Dynamics GP like a Pro with the Support Debugging Tool opening slide
The following picture is of the attendees to our session. We arrange with the audio and video technical staff to turn off the reflectors and up the lights in the room. This turned out to be a very good idea as most people were visibly tired and ready to call it quits for the day.

Attendees to our session - right side of the isle
Our session started as usual, with our formal introductions and a bit of quick jokes here and there, but what attendees did not expect was what we had in store from them (if you want to be part of the new experience in presentations, come see us at our repeat on Wednesday, April 13 - CSGP14-R2 Administering Microsoft Dynamics GP like a Pro with the Support Debugging Tool).

The professors at work
The session went extremely well, with really good feedback from everyone in attendance. Because our unique position as one of the last sessions of the day, we took advantage and answered as many questions as we could, spending an extra 10 minutes after the scheduled end time to do a one-on-one with many individuals who were interested in knowing more about the product.

Taking questions after the session
After our session, we stayed in the room for a bit discussing the outcome of the presentation with the usual suspects, gathering feedback, and making sure we understood what we could have done better for our repeat session.

Mariano Gomez, Leslie Vail, Sheila Jefferson-Ross, David Musgrave
Throughout this process, Leslie and Sheila have been extremely valuable in helping us achieve the right balance and keep our "eyes on the prize". We then went back to the Expo where we had some food, a beer and talked about other things.

However, there was a cold front quickly approaching the Metro Atlanta area bringing with it high winds, hail, thunderstorms, and lots of lightning, so I decided to take a raincheck on the rest of the evening and headed home just in case.

Tomorrow, will be another exciting day as we will be presenting our Technical Deep Dive session, DDGP03 Tools, Tools, Tools: Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization & Integration Tools.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


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