Saturday, April 9, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011: Day -3 & -2

Day -3: April 7, 2011

The previous day was clearly very agitated for David and I - him traveling from Australia and me, returning from Florida. We both had a bit of an extended night's rest. Nonetheless, we got up and decided to start the morning relatively slow, by having breakfast at one of the oldest diners in North Fulton County, Alpha Soda, where we begin planning the flow of our presentation delivery: the jokes, the dialog, the main pointers, etc.

Once breakfast was over, David and I went to visit my friend Ron Trochelmann, over at Performing Imports, a nationally recogined leader in BMW high-performance modifications, as well as unmatched service, maintenance, and repairs. Of course, Ron was extremely busy running some software updates on his car.

Ron running some software upgrades on his 2011 BMW 750i
It's interesting to see how software powers the world. A car as sophisticated as a BMW is considered a Computer on Wheels and requires as many service packs as any accounting software in the market to keep it performing at its best. Ron also took his time to greet David, despite being extremely busy applying service packs to his own car, and explained some of the intricacies of David's 2009 BMW 125i and the performance options [not] currently available for it.

After visiting Performing Imports, we went back to my place and began working on the Support Debugging Tool's presentation flow. We have been getting consistent high marks on this presentation, but want to make it more interesting for this Convergence by exploring some of the new features added throughout the past couple of months, now a part of build 15b. The afternoon went by very quick, so it was now time to go do some toy shopping and have some dinner in Old Roswell - the other side of town from where I live.

Canton Street in Roswell (INC is just about where the couple's walking)
This time I picked I.N.C. Street Food for dinner, which serves up Latin flairs with a touch of the South. Between more talks about our presentations and working our way through food, it was nearing a late evening, so it was time for some rest.

Day -2: April 8, 2011

Day started with a healty, home made, breakfast and lots of plans around presentations. By now, most of our content delivery is still being refined. We just need to work on the final touch ups before the real thing begins.

Lunch time was up on us. The choice this time was one of my all time favorites, Alon's Bakery at the Perimeter Mall. Alon's serves up some really good European flairs made with very fresh and natural ingredients.

We drove back home and worked on the final bits of the slides and documents based on the Convergence event reviewer in charge of our slide deck and documents. All documents must be delivered on Sunday at the Spreaker's Room for upload onto the tumbdrive to be delivered to conference attendees. Next, it was important to get some rest. The evening ended with pizza and a movie, Splice.

Tomorrow, we are heading down to the Omni hotel to get David registered, meet up with MVP Leslie Vail, who arrived in town today and continue working on our presentation flow.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


Beat BUCHER said...

Hi Mariano,
I was smiling a little when you wrote about 'Software updates' and services packs for your BMW engine, because it made me recall an article about the car computer hacking published by IT Business Canada... Here's the link :

Enjoy the ride ;-)
Have a great time.

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