Monday, April 11, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011: Day -1

Day -1: April 9, 2011

We are just a day away from the official Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011 registration and reception.

Our day started very early, with David packing his stuff to check into the Omni Hotel, where he will be staying for the duration of the Conference. Once at the hotel, we dropped off his luggage and went to meet with Microsoft MVP and certified trainer, Leslie Vail, who would be helping us as usual with our timing and making sense of our presentation delivery approach. Leslie keeps us real!

We joined Leslie for breakfast at the Embassy Suites hotel where she is staying. Breakfast was all about catching up and prepping ourselves mentally for the grueling day ahead. We were joined by Sheila Jefferson-Russ and the conversation somehow diverted to comparing smartphones - iPhone vs Windows Phone 7 vs Blackberry - their memory management capabilities, and ability to add memory cards without having to destroy the phone to do so.

Breakfast ended and we walked up to the front of the hotel where we said our goodbyes for the day with Sheila and took some pics.

Me and Sheila Jefferson-Russ
We then went to the lounge of the Omni hotel where David and I would go over our Support Debugging Tool presentation flow. Leslie, as usual, helped us and provided some very good ideas around the presentation, which keeps us grounded and with the prize in mind.

David and I working on our presentation
 A little down the road, and after some lunch, came Mr-larger-than-life MVP Mark Polino. Mark was meeting up with the eOne Solutions boys for some ideas exchange.

MVP Mark Polino, David Musgrave, and I
The day went on until the Partner's Reception where we had a chance to meet up with some of the folks that always seem to be around these events. Here are some pictures for your delight.

Me, Dave Eichner, MVP Mark Polino
General view of the Partners Reception room at the Omni Hotel

Well, it's been a long day, so now it's time to go back home and get some rest. Tomorrow, GPUG's DayONE begins and with it comes our first presentation.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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