Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011: Day 3

Day 3: April 12, 2011

Today started with David and I meeting in the Speaker Room catching up on the previous days activities. Of course, if you want to blog about what's going on at Convergence, while you have sessions to present, it is absolutely necessary to isolate yourself from the rest of the world - sort of!

So, on we both went catching up with our blogs for the major part of the morning. However, we did take the opportunity to overview the samples we would present in the afternoon at our deep dive session, DDGP03 Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization & Integration Tools Review.

After catching up with our blogs and presentation, we went down to the Community & Learning Center where we ran across a few of my long time Fargo friends in Support and Microsoft Professional Services.

Emily Roen (MS Professional Services), Mariano Gomez
On the way out to room A-305 where we would be presenting our session, we ran across Kim Peterson form GPUG who was kind enough, given her busy schedule, to shoot this picture with both of us.

Mariano Gomez, Kim Peterson (GPUG), David Musgrave

Now, it was time to retreat to room A-305 where the deep dive session would begin at 4:00 PM. Being I have been running around like chicken without a head since this past Sunday, I had forgotten that our deep dive session was running for 90 minutes, as opposed to the 60 minutes I thought it would be going on for.

Our session, DDGP03 Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization & Integration Tools Review covered 7 tools: Modifier with Visual Basic for Application, Dexterity, Visual Studio Tools, Extender, Integration Manager, eConnect, and Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our session went through an introductory overview of each tool with demos that showcased each of the tools.

On a personal note, I have to say that I am always toren on delivering a development session due to the different attendees skill levels. It can be challenging to keep very skilled developers interested as the session goes on.

The professors at work
The turnout was great, however, we eventually lost a number of individuals as the session went on :-(. Nonetheless, I had a developer and administrator walked up to me at the end of the session who expressed that she was walking away with a good overview of "all the other development tools". This person has been a .NET developer for a good number of years.

My day was cut short as my wife attends school on Tuesdays, so off I went to home. I am sure a lot of you enjoyed the different parties in town and were up until late, but please don't forget to fill in your evaluations for our session before you leave. In addition, keep in mind that Convergence will contribute $5 USD to the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta organization with each evaluation that is completed.

Tomorrow, marks the final day of Convergence and time to say goodbye. The next city to host Convergence will be revealed at the closing keynote session, but also David and I will be grinding it out for a few more hours for our repeat session, CSGP14-R2 Administering Microsoft Dynamics GP like a Pro with the Support Debugging Tool.
Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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Diego Chahin said...

It was a pleasure to attend your administering with the support tool session. It was one of the most dynamic and interesting sessions at the conference.

Thanks for the great work!

Diego Chahin