Microsoft Dynamics GP Automated Solutions

While I am a big SQL Server development fan and get a lot of support issues taken care of this way, it amazes me that many customers and partners are still not taking advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Automated Solutions. This may be due to lack of understanding or simply a lack of knowledge of the existance of these tools.

What are Automated Solutions?

In Microsoft's own terms "Automated Solutions are used to simplify certain tasks which would otherwise require knowledge of the SQL Query Language and access to the SQL Query Tools or Support Administrator Console". In my own terms, Automated Solutions takes away the amount of SQL and Dynamics GP architecture you would need to know to resolve some very common everyday issues. The best part of it all, they are bundled with your Microsoft Dynamics GP enhancement plan and accessible via CustomerSource or PartnerSource.

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Automated Solutions exists for releases of Dynamics GP going back to 7.5 and are organized by product series. Some of the typical solutions include verifying whether the GL trial balance is out of balance, PO being edited by another user, SOP being edited by another user, among others.

v10 Automated Solutions - click here
v9 Automated Solutions - click here
v7.5 and v8 Automated Solutions - click here

Know that you know about Automated Solutions, be sure to check them before you run that SQL statement.


KB article 935384 - Automated solutions that are available for the Financials series in Microsoft Dynamics GP

KB article 935383 - Automated solutions are available for the Distribution series in Microsoft Dynamics GP

KB article 935382 - Automated solutions that are available for the System series in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Article: Stock Batches in Dynamics GP - by Doug Pitcher at Rose Business Solutions

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MIS, PMP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Anonymous said…

Great post on automated solutions! I hope you don’t mind, I added the links to these on my Resources page with a note of thanks to you.

- Victoria
jon tanglao said…
Hi Mariano,

Great post regarding automated solutions. However, i tried accessing them from customer source but it looks like they were removed. WOuld upu have an archived copy of the automated solutions for GP 9.0 and GP 2010? Appreciate your help. Tnanks.

Jon Tanglao

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