Developing for Dynamics GP Weekly Summary

After a long absence, my friend David Musgrave is slowly regaining his writing pulse. Please check out some of his cool articles this week, but first and foremost let him know what you think about them. I always encourage everyone to test and play with some of the code we provide in these articles. They are a good way to get acquainted with Microsoft Dynamics GP functionality. So let's get on with the articles:

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Packs, Hotfixes and Payroll Compliance/Year End Updates May Damage the Modified Reports and Forms. After a few of these errors circulating on the newsgroups, it has been confirmed by Microsoft development team. The payroll year end update will in fact damage your modified forms and reports. I have a theory on this one: since the YE update is also inclusive of service pack 3, it will be necessary to take all the precautions layed out when applying a service pack, that is, export ALL your customizations to a package file BEFORE applying any patches. Read more here.

2. Microsoft Dynamics™ GP 10.0 Bootcamp (Australia). Now, if you ever wanted to go to a Dynamics GP training class, won't it be a dream to do so in the land down under? Now, that's what I call a Dynamics GP training with style. Read more here.

3. eOne.Dynamics.GP.ExcelBuilder.Engine.dll Exception. If you have received this error after applying Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 Service Pack 2 and above and you are currently using SmartList Builder and Excel Builder, make sure you take a look at this article and the fix by reading more here.

4. Hybrid - Adding Named Printers control to Reports using VBA. Wondering how to get Named Printers to work with unsupported reports? David answers this one with a cool VBA customization. Best of all, you can download sample code! To play with this code, click here.

5. WorldMaps Tracking Added. As if my uber friend wasn't all that uber geek already, he adds a cool hits tracker on his blog with the cool WorldMaps beta product from Structure Too Big. I have to confess, I will be adding this one pretty soon to my blog! I find it fascinating to know where your readers are concentrated, which helps when developing content for the blog. For more info, click here.

6. Modifier - Reading and Writing Data with ADO Example. It does not matter how many of these we do, I always find Modifier with VBA fascinating and a very good alternative to Dexterity customizations when possible. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Dexterity, but I also love the portability offered by VBA customizations too. To read more, click here.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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