Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 security series

The following 2 weeks will bring tons of Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 security articles from David Musgrave over at Developing for Dynamics GP. It's no secret to anyone that the new role-base security has not been without its shared dosis of confusion and frustrations for companies and users upgrading from previous releases and even new comers to Microsoft Dynamics GP. David has published a list of the topics to be covered, as follows:

Don't forget to mark your calendars for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday over the next two weeks to get these important topics.

Update 11/12/2008 - Added link to article "How to identify security tasks and roles..."

Update 11/14/2008 - Added link to article "How to identify security tasks and roles using Support Debugging Tool"

Update 11/17/2008 - Added link to article "How to resolve security errors on login"

Update 11/18/2008 - Added entry to a future article to be released on the GP v10 Security Conversion Tool. This article will (possibly) wrap up David's work with tons of information for those of you converting from earlier versions of GP to v10 and will help pave the road in deciding whether to convert your existing security or simply start from scratch.

Update 11/18/2008 - Added link to article "How to resolve security priviledge errors"

Update 11/21/2008 - Added link to article "How to resolve dictionary not loaded errors"

Update 11/24/2008 - David completes (at least for now) his security series with this not to miss article on the Dynamics GP v10 Security conversion tool. There has been a number of questions and confusions about what the tool does and does not do and David addresses those as well.

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Anonymous said…
Do you know which files store user security roles during backups? I need to restore or recreate some that are missing.

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