Length of Report Writer Calculated String Fields

I spent a good time writing my previous blog article on adding trailing asterisks to the check amount in words. If you followed the article, you will noticed that at some point I created two conditional calculated string fields to fill in the amount in words with trailing asterisks based on a condition. However, it appears that calculated string fields are still affected by the 80 characters limitation, rendering the remaining characters truncated from the report.

Needless to say this limitation is not a limitation with any of the Report Writer user-defined functions. In the case of the RW_PadWithStars function used in the previous article, it accepts any string and returns the padded version with asterisks up to the limit specified. However, when the value is passed to the Report Writer calculated field, it is further truncated to 80 characters.

This issue has been on the table since Dexterity 6.0 (and perhaps earlier) and I am surprised it has not gained traction with the Dexterity development teams at Microsoft. We definately no longer live in the world of 80 x 25 screens and much less in the dot-matrix printer era.

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