GPUG Summit 2012 Seattle - Wrap Up!

With another Summit behind us, it's just fitting that I close this one out with some remarks about the event, and as it is customary, with all links I could find from people talking about it.

This is indeed my second GPUG Summit as a presenter and I have to say, this event is growing very fast in popularity, with over 550 users, partners, and ISVs from the Microsoft Dynamics GP world. It's also good to note that over 2,000 participants attended on behalf of all the user groups (AXUG, NAVUG, CRMUG, and of course, GPUG). What also shocked me was the total number of sessions: over 150! Sessions were as diverse as anyone could imagine: from Social Media, to Excel, to Reporting Services, to Business Intelligence, to myriad of sessions on tips (50 tips, 100 tips, 150 product tips, etc., etc.) , Microsoft Dynamics GP functionality, and the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. No, it doesn't end there either. Attendees got an up close and personal view of the web client, Business Analyzer on Windows 8 and quite a mouthful of GP 2013 features.

No, not quite of Convergence proportions, but certainly a very familiar feeling to the entire event. You see, there's no corridor or isle you can walk without running into someone you know, someone asking you "how's your event going?", or heck, someone inviting you out for a drink or dinner! In addition, this is the only conference where there is no short of presenters willing to pick up a session for another one on a moment's notice. End-users also get to interact with presenters and subject matter experts on a one-on-one basis, more so than they would at Convergence.

The venue? No slouch here either. The Washington State Convention Center and The Conference Center proved just as worthy as any other venue I have been to. The difference? The proximity of the session rooms made the experience even more enjoyable for attendees.

GPUG Summit 2013 will be held in the beautiful city of Tampa, Florida and you can bet that Kim Peterson and Andy Hafer are probably a step away from wrapping up the details on this. Those two work just as hard as anyone else in this industry to make things happen for the user community.

Tampa, Florida

With that said, here is the Summit from various perspectives:

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Until next post!

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