Saturday, October 20, 2012

GPUG Summit 2012 Seattle - Day 3

Day 3 marks the end of GPUG Summit 2012 Seattle. However, this day would go out with a bang and still tons of sessions left.

Kim Peterson, Michelle Spitzer, David Eichner
Next up was the "Ask the Experts" town hall session, where I had a chance to be on stage with fellow Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs and last Summit's GPUG All-Stars Bob McAdam, MVP John Lowther, and Zubin Gidwani.

"Ask the Experts" Panelists
Left to right: Andy Hafer (Moderator), MVP Charles Allen, MVP Frank Hamelly, MVP Leslie Vail, MVP Mark Polino, MVP Mariano Gomez, Bob McAdam, MVP John Lowther, Zubin Gidwani
Somehow, the GPUG organization saw fitting that me and my fellow colleagues on stage wear these propeller head caps. I must say, we did look the part. After some introductions, some fun on stage, and the cap fitting, the questions began to poor in from the attendees and we had a wonderful time taking on some challenging ones.

The "Propeller Heads" in action

It was now time to wrap up the circus and poor Michelle Spitzer was left to pick up the pieces. Here she is wrapping up one of the GPUG banners.

Michelle Spitzer is left to reel it in
Up next was my last session at the Summit, GEN05 Where Should You Turn for Answers: The Power of Social Media. This session would be delivered with my friend Jon Rivers (twitter: @jon_rivers) from Data Masons. Jon and I had a blast with this topic and were able to offer Jon's eBook for free to those attending our session.

It was time to head over to the Grand Hyatt to pick up my luggage and sail to the airport. I had a tight 55 minutes before my flight departure. Unfortunately, I could not stay for the rest of the day and missed the closing session. I will not bore you with the details of my return home, but my trip started with a pleasant ride with Lou Spevack, and would take me from SEA-TAC to MSP and from MSP to ATL. The trip from SEA-TAC to MSP was uneventful, with just a couple rough patches of air here and there. Upon landing in MSP at gate G21, I had to find my way to gate G2. I came across a 4-year old at my departure gate in MSP who wanted to step on my toes for fun. I must say, I was completely wiped out from this event and spent most of the time sleeping on my trip from SEA-TAC to MSP.

The flight to ATL was very pleasant.

As customary, please wait for my wrap up post and, if you attended, hope you had a great Summit. Safe travels home.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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