Friday, January 27, 2012

Management Reporter 2012

Management Reporter 2012 Release Themes
Most of you know me to be a fairly technical guy, so it must be quite an event when I get excited about a financial reporting product. My excitement stems from a couple of things I saw in an MVP Product Group Interaction session yesterday with the Dynamics Corporate Performance Management team:

  • Management Reporter 2012 is simply THE BEST darn financial reporting product produced to date by Microsoft. This release revolves around 4 core themes: Interactive Report Viewing, Deeper Dynamics ERP Integration, Report Collaboration, and Design Flexibility. I highlighted a few of the capabilities in my March 8, 2011 Corporate Performance Management Roadmap article.

  • Among the things I can say for now, and from a technical perspective, this release removes its dependency on Internet Information Services (IIS), allowing it to run in native mode. If you are familiar with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, you can now begin to imagine how this will improve Management Reporter's reports delivering capabilities and efficiency.

Honestly, I wish I could just spill it all out right now... but that would make for a lot of angry folks over at Microsoft, but you don't have to wait on me. The Dynamics Corporate Performance Management team over at Microsoft already began releasing information about specific features in Management Reporter 2012, and the following are links to what they have posted so far:

From what I have seen so far, the Comments feature will make a lot of accounting folks happy, but the ability to distribute reports to multiple locations at once will certainly make a lot of IT folks happy. From me to you... there's not one reason, at least in my mind, why you need to continue your love affair with FRx. The new Management Reporter 2012 blows off the FRx 6.7 hat off by a long shot.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


Beat BUCHER said...

Hey Mariano,
Thanks for sharing this very insightful information (and for once also in a very different domain). Our CFO assisted yesterday to the webinar and was very impressed by the announced features that are coming in MR2012.
Looking forward to talk to you at Convergence :-)
Have a great day.

Geoff James said...

Hi Mariano,

Is there going to be a User manual provided with the new version?

Or better still a training manual?


Geoff James

Mariano Gomez said...


I am not sure of what's going to be available, material wise. However, the CPM team has done a tremendous job documenting the product this time around.