The Dynamics GP Blogster's best articles of 2011

It's simply amazing! When it's all said and done, I will have published close to 160 articles for this year alone. Sometimes I find myself asking, "what will I write about next?". The truth is, I simply don't know or can't tell: I enjoy writing about issues I work on, challenges in my implementations, conferences I attend, etc. And the outlets to get my thoughts out just keep increasing. I am actively for:

This site
Microsoft Dynamics Community

I also have Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep up with. So, when I look back at 2011 to choose the best articles of this year, I must consider the various outlets where they are published. After all, The Dynamics GP Blogster is no longer a site, but a person... me! With that said, these are some of the best articles I personally enjoyed writing this year:

1. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 - The Technical Conference was a great experience up in Fargo, ND. I definitely enjoyed presenting with my dear friend and Microsoftie, David Musgrave. It's always an awesome challenge to introduce technical topics to a bunch of propellerheads.

2. Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011 - Who could forget Convergence in Atlanta? Not only was the conference in my backyard, but it also gave me a chance to enjoy myself presenting while not having to worry about sleeping in a hotel. It also gave me the opportunity to catch up with a number of my fellow MVPs who live in the sorrounding states. Convergence is always a fun experience! See you in Houston 2012.

3. Hybrid Development for the Managed Code Developer - At Convergence, I got a number of request from Visual Studio developers to dive a bit into hybrid solutions using Dexterity and VST, given the fact that they had attended the session that David and I presented on development. The article certainly got a lot of hits and truly enjoyed writing it, since the issue was a bit obscure at the time.

4. Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Web Client Architecture - It took me a good amount of research and using some of my charm with the Product Management and Development teams in Fargo to get the information I published in this series. It certainly paid off! After the articles were released, including a follow up in my Microsoft Dynamics Community column, it was clear that everyone wanted to know more about codename GP "12".

5. The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP: 5 Cool Technologies You Should Watch For (and Learn) in the Coming Years - This article had a lot of traffic on MSDynamicsWorld as I was coming off the Tech Conference in Fargo when I wrote it. Interestingly enough, I highlighted how Microsoft Dexterity would be one of the 5 cool technologies to keep an eye on. With the advent of GP "12", doubts anyone?

6. Running Fixed Assets Depreciation causes Microsoft Dynamics GP to "hang". This was an issue I faced after a very long upgrade from GP 9.0 to GP 2010 R2. I consider it one of the best articles, because little did I know people would write back to let me know they had run into the same issue and coudn't figure out why.

7. Microsoft Dynamics GP, the next generation of end-user customization tools? If you going to speculate, it needs to be based on facts. There's nothing more rewarding to a writer than seeing the interest his/her publications generate. This article has had closed to 2000 views since it short release in September. But honestly, who won't like to see Integration Manager being beefed up with Visual Studio Tools for Applications or even PowerShell.

8. GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas - Being in Las Vegas delivering training and presenting for the user community was an awesome experience! But, being able to capture that experience and share it with the rest of the community was even more gratifying. I can't stress the importance of joining GPUG and attending these events.

9. Codename GP "12" preliminary features - Along with the Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Web Client Architecture series, this particular series added some "meat and potatoes" behind what could be expected in the next Microsoft Dynamics GP major release. If you have not looked into the features a suggest you review the series.

As you can see, many of the "best articles" selected were truly complete series of articles and represent my touring throughout the country at conferences and working along with folks at Microsoft to get the scoop on what's in store for the next release of GP. Things will only get more exciting for next year with Convergence in Houston, GPUG Summit in Seattle, and the awaited GP "12". So stay tuned to The Dynamics GP Blogter and thank you very much for your readership throughout this year.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


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