Monday, May 9, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Web Client Architecture Series

You've got a peek at the past Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference, you saw it at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011. But do you really understand what goes on "under the hood". If you are intreagued by the upcoming codename GP "12", today I begin a series of articles oriented to shed some light on the new application architecture. Get a review of the web client and the transition from the classic client to the new architecture environment, understand what changes went into rendering the Silverlight interface, how UI templates work and future deployment options, get an introduction to Dynamic Form Rendering and why this technology is so cool.

The publishing schedule for these articles are as follows:

Published DateFeatured Article
05/09/2011Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Web Client Architecture - Part 1
05/11/2011Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Web Client Architecture - Part 2
05/16/2011Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Web Client Architecture - Part 3
05/23/2011Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Named System Database Architecture 

Disclaimer: Some images and content reproduced with express permission from Microsoft Business Solutions, a division of Microsoft Corporation. The content of these articles should not be reproduced without permission from this author.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

05/23/2011 - Added link to Named System Database Architecture article on Dynamics Community.


Aaron Berquist said...

Great info Mariano - can't wait for parts 2 and 3!

Mariano Gomez said...

Thanks Aaron! Working on it!

Mariano Gomez, MVP

Tim Wappat said...

Thank you so much for explaining how the it is going to work. I was wondering how the cusomisations were going to come through to the webclient.
Can't wait to have a try.

Fernando said...

Hi Mariano, please i really need your good advise, i am going to develop a big application that works with Dynamics GP purchasing, sales, inventory and financials modules, this is going to take about 6 months, so my doubt is, the next version of GP is really going to be web? like CRM, should I make my app like a Web Client, or i can still using VST to make a windows app inside GP. I really appreciate your help. thanks a lot

Mariano Gomez said...

The Dexterity client is still going to be around, so your VST customizations should work just fine. I can't provide any further insight into the web client and custumizing it, because I simply don't have any more details.


DigiOz Multimedia said...

Hello Mariano, and thank you for the informative articles. I have two small questions which I am hoping you can answer:

1. It looks like the web interface exactly reflects all GUI elements between windows and web versions. In other words the two versions of the Client Interface can not contain different set of controls and if you wish to add new fields you have to add it to the windows version first and then it generates the Web version in Silverlight for you automatically. Is that correct or am I reading it wrong?

2. It appears that the actual business logic will remain in Dexterity since both Client GUIs use the same Template Processor which executes the same logic block. So in order to customize GP 12 a Developer has to learn Dexterity even in this new system and can not custom code it in c# / .net. Is that correct?

3. Lastly, is there any way currently for existing GP Customers and/or MSDN Subscribers to try out a beta version of GP 12?


Mariano Gomez said...

1. That's correct. The UI customizations reside on the Dex client and are rendered in Silverlight, so from that perspective, both interfaces cannot have different sets of controls.

2. Yes and No. Clearly, Dex knowledge will be fundamental, but there's a lot of code written in VST (and VBA, if you consider Modifier) as well, and I have to believe MS will find a way to make that code work with Silverlight. In summary, it will be probably a good thing to pick up some Dex skills, just perhaps as much as it will be important to learn some Silverlight (at least from a concept point of view).

3. Not that I know of or I would've already had a copy :-)


Sysadmin:Sakthi-MCSE said...

I have followed the below mentioned documents to install Web client with multi-tenant.

GP 2013 Tenant Service (
GP 2013 Multi-tenant GP web service (

After installed the tenant service, i was able to browse the service urls and i installed web client successfully.

I successfully installed web service with Multi-tenant configuration using the above two services.

When i opened the Dynamics GP Service exception Console, it was throwing the error as shown below;
Exception type:

Exception message:
Access Denied: The user is not authorized to access the service.

Message Id: 11



Input parameters:


Stack Trace:
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Security.DiscoveryServiceTenantSource.GetTenantNamesAndDescriptionsForUserFromService(String identity)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Security.TenantInformationStore.<>c__DisplayClass6.b__4()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Security.DataRequestCache`2.GetItem(T key, Func`1 fetchLiveValue)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Security.TenantInformationStore.GetTenantAssignmentsForUser(String identity)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Security.TenantService.GetTenantList(String identity, Boolean activeTenantsOnly)

I also got "Access Denied" error from https://website/webmanagementconsole under Tenant Manager.

Please help me on this.
Thanks in advance.


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Kenny said...

Thank you mate.. working on it.

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