Look what Santa brought for me!

There is a little box for me...

The elves at Amazon brought me a book!

Gotta love this one!

Great material for the winter!!

I know Christmas is gone and whether you believe in Santa or not, that's a whole other story, but just before I left for vacation to New York City, I had ordered myself -- yes, I am my own Santa! -- a nice little reading material for the cold Atlanta winter. I figured, since summer was well spent with my Cookbooks, winter should be just as productive, especially the days I really don't feel like leaving my house. So, what did the elves at Amazon brought for me? Nothing more, nothing less than MVP Victoria Yudin's brand new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation book.

Now do me a favor... be your own Santa and go and order Victoria's book.

Be this the time to also congratulate Victoria on her 7th year as a Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP... the woman is rolling!
Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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