Friday, July 16, 2010


Summer is just getting sizzly here in the United States and as a customary tradition, we begin rolling out our grills and dusting off our cookbooks, but this time around, my wife had me ordered two new cookbooks from Mark Bittman, an American food journalist and author of some of the best cookbooks in the market today. Here is my grill and the cookbooks to go with it.

Webber One Touch Gold

Mark Bittman's How to cook everything series

I am among other things an avid cook, so I was trying to find something productive to do while the stakes were on the grill. I had to decide between the usual and traditional ales (while I wait for the food) or, well more cookbooks. I figured I would log into Amazon and see what was hot. Two weeks later my shipment arrived, and I just could not wait to get my hands on it -- just in time for the summer!

I could not wait to open the box to get my hands on this new cookbook that would revolutionize my downtime while steaks and veggies were on the grill.

This was the ultimate cookbook!

The Marks have just made my summer all the more entertaining! Now, let's get grilling!

What are you waiting on? Order your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook now by Mark Polino, MVP!

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Perry Smith said...


Glad to see you use a Weber. That is all I Q on. One year for Convergence in Orlando we had all of the Collins Computing clients to the house we rented and I q'd for everyone. The last client standing won the Weber.

Fun Times.


Mariano Gomez said...


I could not really live without one... this is the second one I own in 12 YEARS!

Perry Smith said...


I actually have about 6 Weber's. I have been known to throw some very large parties in my time.

Living in an apartment that won't let me use my Weber now. Have to go to the beach to get my fix...


Mariano Gomez said...

It sounds like you own a BBQ joint :-)

Perry Smith said...

Nah, Just like to throw parties. I have had people pay me to cater events (usually out of my RV in the desert....). But it is much more work than being a consultant..... I do it for the love.